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v2.4.0 - feature parity

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@slingamn slingamn released this 08 Nov 02:39
· 994 commits to master since this release

We're pleased to announce Oragono 2.4.0, a new stable release.

This release includes a number of exciting enhancements and fixes. Here are some highlights:

  • Support for migrating an Anope or Atheme database to Oragono (#1042)
  • A pluggable system for validating external IPs, e.g., via DNSBLs (#68, thanks @moortens!)
  • draft/relaymsg, a new draft extension simplifying bridging with other chat systems (thanks @jlu5!)
  • New moderation tools: +u ("auditorium", #1300), +U ("op-moderated", #1178), +M ("moderated-registered", #1182, thanks @ajaspers!), and +b m: (an extban for muting users, #307)

This release includes changes to the config file format, including one breaking change: roleplay.enabled now defaults to false (the new recommended default) instead of true when unset. Other config changes are backwards compatible and do not require updating the file before upgrading.

This release includes a database change. If you have datastore.autoupgrade set to true in your configuration, it will be automatically applied when you restart Oragono. Otherwise, you can update the database manually by running oragono upgradedb (see the manual for complete instructions).

Many thanks to @ajaspers, @jesopo, @moortens, and @RunBarryRun for contributing patches, to @csmith for contributing code reviews, to @ajaspers, @Amiga60077, @bogdomania, @csmith, @edk0, @eskimo, @jlu5, @jwheare, @KoraggKnightWolf, @Mitaka8, @mogad0n, @RyanSquared, and @vertisan for reporting issues and helping test, and to our translators for contributing translations.

Config changes

  • Added server.ip-cloaking.enabled-for-always-on, which generates a unique hostname for each always-on client. The recommended default value of this field is true (#1312)
  • Added server.coerce-ident; if this is set to a string value, all user/ident fields supplied by clients are ignored and replaced with this value. The recommended default value of this field is ~u. This simplifies bans. (#1340)
  • Simplified the config file format for email verification into a new section. The old format (callbacks) is still accepted (#1075)
  • The recommended value of roleplay.enabled is now false; this field now defaults to false when unset (#1240, #1271)
  • Added server.relaymsg section for configuring the new draft/relaymsg capability; added the new relaymsg operator capability for exercising it (#1119)
  • Added allow-environment-overrides config variable, allowing config options to be overridden by environment variables. See the manual for more details. (#1049, thanks @csmith!)
  • Added server.ip-check-script for configuring IP check plugins (#68, #1267, thanks @moortens!)
  • Added max-concurrency restriction to accounts.auth-script section. The recommended default value is 64 (0 or unset disable the restriction) (#1267)
  • Added accounts.registration.allow-before-connect; this allows the use of the new REGISTER command before connecting to the server (#1075)
  • Added hidden option in operator blocks: if set to true, operator status is hidden from commands like WHOIS that would otherwise display it (#1194)
  • Added accounts.nick-reservation.forbid-anonymous-nick-changes, which forbids anonymous users from changing their nicknames after initially connecting (#1337, thanks @Amiga60077!)
  • Added channels.invite-expiration, allowing invites to +i channels to expire after a given amount of time (#1171)


  • Added /NICKSERV CLIENTS LOGOUT command for disconnecting clients connected to a user account (#1072, #1272, thanks @ajaspers!)
  • Disallowed the use of service nicknames during roleplaying (#1240, thanks @Mitaka8!)
  • Improved security properties of INVITE for invite-only channels, including an UNINVITE command (#1171)


  • Removed the request queue system for HostServ, i.e., the REQUEST, APPROVE, and REJECT subcommands of HOSTSERV (#1346)


  • PONG is now sent with the server name as the first parameter, matching the behavior of other ircds (#1249, thanks @jesopo!)
  • It was not possible to set or unset the +T no-CTCP user mode; this has been fixed (#1299, thanks @mogad0n!)
  • Fixed edge cases with /NICKSERV SAREGISTER of confusable nicknames (#1322, thanks @mogad0n!)
  • Fixed websocket listeners with proxy-before-TLS enabled closing on invalid PROXY lines (#1269, thanks @RyanSquared!)
  • Fixed error responses and history for SANICK (#1277, #1278, thanks @eskimo!)
  • Ensured that stored realnames of always-on clients are deleted during account unregistration (#1330)
  • Whitespace is now stripped from KLINEs (#1327, thanks @mogad0n!)
  • Fixed incorrect LUSERS counts caused by KLINE (#1303, thanks @mogad0n!)
  • CHATHISTORY queries for invalid channels now get an empty batch instead of a FAIL (#1322)
  • fakelag.messages-per-window = 0 no longer causes a panic (#861, thanks @vertisan!)


  • Added oragono importdb command for importing a converted Anope or Atheme database; see the manual for details (#1042)
  • Added support for the new draft/relaymsg extension, which simplifies bridging IRC with other protocols relaymsg (#1119, thanks @jlu5!)
  • Added ip-check-script, a scripting API for restricting access by client IP. We provide oragono-dnsbl, an external script that can query DNSBLs for this purpose (#68, #1267, thanks @moortens!)
  • Added channel mode +u. This is an "auditorium" mode that prevents unprivileged users from seeing each other's JOIN and PART lines. It's useful for large public-announcement channels, possibly in conjunction with +m (#1300)
  • Added channel mode +U. This is an "op-moderated" mode; messages from unprivileged users are sent only to channel operators, who can then choose to grant them +v. (#1178)
  • Added a mute extban +b m:: users matching the ban expression (e.g., +b m:*!*@j6dwi4vacx47y.irc) will be able to join the channel, but will be unable to speak. (#307)
  • Added support for the new draft/register extension, which exposes a cleaner account registration API to clients (#1075, thanks @edk0!)
  • Added a 379 RPL_WHOISMODES line to the WHOIS response, making it easier for operators to see other users' modes (#769, thanks @Amiga60077 and @KoraggKnightWolf!)
  • Added /CHANSERV DEOP command for removing channel operator privileges (#361, thanks @RunBarryRun!)
  • Added r flag to /WHO responses for registered nicknames (#1366, thanks @Amiga60077!)


  • Always-on clients now receive a user/ident of ~u by default, instead of ~user; this can be changed by setting the coerce-ident field (#1340)
  • /NICKSERV SUSPEND has been modified to take subcommands (ADD, DEL, and LIST); the ADD subcommand now accepts time duration and reason arguments. See /msg NickServ HELP SUSPEND for details. (#1274, thanks @mogad0n!)
  • Only the channel founder can kick the channel founder, regardless of either party's modes (#1262)
  • /NICKSERV SESSIONS is now /NICKSERV CLIENTS LIST, but the old command is still accepted (#1272, thanks @ajaspers!)
  • Improved SETNAME behavior for legacy clients (#1358, thanks @KoraggKnightWolf!)
  • Halfops can set the channel topic (#1306)
  • Full client certificates are now passed to auth scripts. This allows for more flexible checks on certificates, including verification against an internal CA (#414)


  • Added a logline for debugging client disconnections (#1293)
  • Renamed conventional.yaml to traditional.yaml (#1350)
  • Integration tests are now run during CI (#1279)