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v2.7.0 - a new name

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@slingamn slingamn released this 08 Jun 04:57
· 518 commits to master since this release

We're pleased to be publishing Ergo 2.7.0, our first official release under our new name of Ergo. This release contains bug fixes and minor enhancements.

This release includes changes to the config file format, all of which are fully backwards-compatible and do not require updating the file before upgrading. This release includes no changes to the database format.

Because the name of the executable has changed from oragono to ergo (ergo.exe on Windows), you may need to update your system configuration (e.g., scripts or systemd unit files that reference the executable).

Many thanks to @ajaspers and @jesopo for contributing patches, to @ajaspers, @ChrisTX, @emersion, @jwheare, @kylef, @Mikaela, @mogad0n, and @ProgVal for reporting issues and helping test, and to our translators for contributing translations.


  • The project was renamed from "Oragono" to "Ergo" (#897, thanks to everyone who contributed feedback or voted in the poll)

Config changes

  • Entries in server.listeners now take a new key, min-tls-version, that can be used to set the minimum required TLS version; the recommended default value is 1.2 (#1611, thanks @ChrisTX!)
  • Added max-conns (maximum connection count) and max-conn-lifetime (maximum lifetime of a connection before it is cycled) to datastore.mysql (#1622)
  • Added massmessage operator capability to allow sending NOTICEs to all connected users (#1153, #1629, thanks @jesopo!)


  • If require-sasl.enabled is set to true, tor-listeners.require-sasl will be automatically set to true as well (#1636)
  • It is now possible to set the minimum required TLS version, using the min-tls-version key in listener configuration
  • Configurations that require SASL but allow user registration now produce a warning (#1637)


  • Operators with the correct permissions can now send "mass messages", e.g. /NOTICE $$* will send a NOTICE to all users (#1153, #1629, thanks @jesopo!)
  • Operators can now extend the maximum (non-tags) length of the IRC line using the server.max-line-len configuration key. This is not recommended for use outside of "closed-circuit" deployments where IRC operators have full control of all client software. (#1651)


  • RELAYMSG now sends a full NUH ("nick-user-host"), instead of only the relay nickname, as the message source (#1647, thanks @ProgVal, @jwheare, and @Mikaela!)
  • Fixed a case where channels would remain visible in /LIST after unregistration (#1619, thanks @ajaspers!)
  • Fixed incorrect tags on JOIN lines in +u ("auditorium") channels (#1642)
  • Fixed an issue where LUSERS counts could get out of sync (#1617)
  • It was impossible to add a restricted set of snomasks to an operator's permissions; this has been fixed (#1618)
  • Fixed incorrect language in NS INFO responses (#1627, thanks @ajaspers!)
  • Fixed a case where the REGISTER command would emit an invalid error message (#1633, thanks @ajaspers!)
  • Fixed snomasks displaying in a nondeterministic order (#1669, thanks @Mikaela!)


  • Removed the draft/resume-0.5 capability, and the associated RESUME and BRB commands (#1624)


  • Optimized MySQL storage of direct messages (#1615)