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Ergoemacs Keybindings

Xah Lee, David Capello, and Matthew Fidler

Library Information

ErgoEmacs keybindings improve GNU Emacs for people who did not grew up with Emacs. User interface is based on common modern software interface familiar to most people today, such as using 【Ctrl+C】 key for Copy,【Ctrl+Z】 for undo, 【Ctrl+O】 for Open file, and also bundles many Emacs Lisp functions that are not in GNU Emacs by default.

(setq ergoemacs-theme nil)
(setq ergoemacs-keyboard-layout "us")
(require 'ergoemacs-mode)
(ergoemacs-mode 1)

Ergoemacs-mode makes use of make-composed-keymap and therefore is only comptabile with emacs 24.1+

More information is found at

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