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Shopify Breadcrumbs based on the structure of the nested menus
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Shopify Breadcrumbs Based on Menu Structure

You can find a full description of this snippet and why it's so ridiculously complex to achieve such a simple thing at

Basic Install

  1. Add the breadcrumb.liquid to your snippets for your theme. Shopify has a video on how to do this if your don't know.

  2. Link to the snippet in the templates for your products, collections, pages, etc. So, for example, in /theme/templates/product.liquid, you would add this where you want your breadcrumbs to appear:

    {% include 'breadcrumb' %}

  3. Set up your dropdown menus

That's it.

Why does this code look so awful?

Perhaps it's just a function of my skill, but Shopify Liquid is a templating tool, not a programming language. It lacks basic data structures, has no function calls, can't do recursion. So you end up with this mess to do a simple thing.

How does it work?

The basic idea here is that you use a set of parallel, one-dimnesional arrays that all should have the same number of elements. If I know that the title I want is the fifth element of the titles array, then I know that its handle is the fifth element of the handles array. There's a lot of looping around doing lookups to translate from one array to the other.

The code itself has extensive comments which, hopefully, are enough for non-coders to decipher.

See also my short post on faking multi-dimensional arrays in Shopify Liquid for the basic idea.

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