Clavier Canadien-Français pour Mac OS X
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Clavier canadien français pour macOS


  1. Download and unzip (or clone the repo)
  2. Right click on install and select Open. You might need to type your user password to continue.
  3. After the installation, the Keyboard system preferences screen will open. Go to the Input Sources tab and add the "Canadien Francais" keyboard to your account.

Recipes and protips

Recipe Output Comments
`, a à Voyelles accent grave
Shift + ^, A Â
Alt + ` {
Alt + < }
Shift + ^ ^ Pas besoin de faire espace après
Shift + ` ` (même principe)
Alt + - En-dash/tiret moyen/demi-cadratin
Alt + Shift + - Em-dash/tiret long/cadratin
Alt + . · Middle dot
Alt + N ñ
Alt + S ß

Vim users: é can be a good leader key. let mapleader = "é"


As usual in open-source projects, please do not increment version in your pull requests; the maintainers will take care of that.


  • 0: Normal
  • 1: Shift
  • 2: Caps Lock
  • 3: Alt
  • 4: Alt+Shift
  • 5: Alt+Caps Lock
  • 6: Cmd
  • 7: Ctrl


Current maintainers: Jonathan Allard and Matthieu Yiptong

Original work by Sebastien Guillemette (