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A vagrant provisioned development environment using the development-environment-base box.

This will install:

  • Intellij Community Edition
  • Spring Tool Suite
  • Maven
  • Cloud Foundry CLI
  • BOSH 2.0 CLI
  • and a number of other supporting development tools.

For full details of the tooling and versions provided with this environment please refer to the parent ansible playbook as well as the developer packages playbook.


Minimum Hardware

  • 8GB RAM (by default 4GB is allocated to the VM, see Getting Started to increase this)
  • 20GB disk space


Getting Started

  1. Clone this repository with: git clone
  2. Change into the development-environment directory and run: vagrant up


When the UI loads you will be prompted for a password. Please wait for the entire provisioning process to complete before entering the password. You will be notified in the terminal window when you can login.

The username and password for the development environment are vagrant:vagrant.

Customising the hardware requirements

The following environment variables can be set to tune the development environment.

Variable What for Default
DEVENV_PROCESSORS How many CPU cores to allocate 2
DEVENV_CPUEXECUTIONCAP The amount of time (as %) a host CPU spends to emulate a virtual CPU 100
DEVENV_MEMORY How much memory, in MB, to allocate 4096

Known Issues

Vagrant 1.9.7 and newer on Windows 7 & Windows 8 hangs. This is a bug with Vagrant which is not being fixed, and cannot be addressed by any Vagrant image.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will need to upgrade Powershell to 5.1 if you use a version of Vagrant greater than 1.9.6.


A vagrant provisioned development environment using the development-environment-base box




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