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Releases: erhard-lab/iTiSS

iTiSS v1.3

24 Nov 15:00
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  • fixed a bug in the DENSE_PEAK module that caused it to only find a few peaks
  • added an option to only predict TSS greater than a user supplied threshold
  • fixed a bug where the provided genome is not recognised if its chromosomes start with chr instead of only numbers
  • plots are now generated as .png if >10,000 TSS were found as some pdf-readers have problems opening those

Release of TiSSMerger 2

15 Dec 10:40
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TiSSMerger2 should make it easier and straight forward to merge predicted TiSS from multiple datasets into one as compared to the former TiSSMerger.

Right now, both exist alongside each other, but eventually TiSSMerger2 will replace the old one.

Minor improvements

28 Oct 09:33
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iTiSSMerger now exposes the gap parameter, which let's the user change the window in which multiple called TiSS are combined into a TSR.

Publishing iTiSS

28 May 09:37
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First public version of iTiSS accompanying its publication (Link: tbd)

The binaries contain the full working version of iTiSS and the necessary gedi-toolkit modules (

If you want to recompile this version, see readme on how to integrate it into the gedi-toolkit.