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Personal Website

Python Flask TailwindCSS JavaScript

Welcome to my personal website's repository. Made with Python Flask and WindiCSS.

🔄  Update — May 2022

  • Fixed dependencies bugs with jinja & specific Python versions preventing the app to start
  • Fixed the broken dark / white theme switcher (#6)
  • Added a complete guide to deploy to Netlify on this README
  • Global rewrite of this README with structure and design changes
  • This version will be deprecated in favor of a new version made with React & TailwindCSS.


  • WindiCSS support. WindiCSS is a new frontend framework using classes for styles providing faster load times.
  • Dark & Light theme support. Switch with a button on the navbar, saves theme preference on your device
  • Responsive. Comfortably view the site from desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Dynamic & Static support. Run with a Flask server as a dynamic website or generate a static version (for Netlify/Vercel).
  • No HTML edit needed. Get your website ready to use by configuring everything you need in one single file.
  • Discord presence support. Live display your Spotify activity on your website directly.

🔎  Live version

You can view a public version of my site at

📚  Dependencies and requirements

🙌  Deploying to Netlify

Netlify is a free service allowing you to deploy web applications for FREE without needing any server. You can get a custom domain name along with your site.

1. Get a Netlify account

Go to Netlify's website and create an account or log in.

2. Use the quick "Deploy to Netlify" button

Deploy to Netlify

3. Make changes on your Netlify configuration

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4. Run the deploy process

Go to your Team settings > Your site > Builds and then, click on Retry deploy to deploy again with your new configuration.

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5. Your site is live  

Check out your domain associated to your website to see your website rendered!

Edit the file under the /src folder to customize it and push to your GitHub repository. Netlify will automatically deploy and update your site.

⚙️ Local installation & running

Please note that if you deployed your site on Netlify, you don't need to do this part to install the site localy.

🟥  1. Open a terminal and clone this repository

git clone

and then do cd Website

🟧  2. Install website dependencies

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

🟨  3. Customize the site with your own settings

Go to the /src folder and edit the file with your own settings

Note: If you would like to get a static version of your site, keep ssr as True.

If you would like to run a Flask server, change ssr as False. In that case, you can set a host (IP) and a port where the website will be run.

It's recommended to keep host as if the address is pointing a local address. Feel free to change the port as you wish.

🟩  4. Start the website

Run the python3 command on your terminal.

🟦  5. Your site is ready

If ssr in is False, a static version of the site has been generated in a new folder named /build.

If ssr in is True, your site will be available at the host:port that you specified. (http://localhost:8000/ by default)


Personal website used as portfolio, made with Flask & WindiCSS






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