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knife-vsphere changelog
0.3.0 * Ian Delahorne - added support for tools script execution
jcam - bootstrap dhcp nodes
0.2.3 * leeor - Fix --cvlan handling when VC is not using a distributed switch
jcam - Added pool list command, updated readme, fixed chef version constraint
0.2.2 * jcam - add pool list subcommand, adjust gemspec to support chef 10.x.x
0.2.1 * robharrop - update to rbvmomi 1.5.1
0.2.0 * jcam - allow defaults from subcommands, error for missing .chef with bootstrap
0.1.9 * jcam - add support for configuring options from the command line or config files
0.1.8 * add Ian Delahorne's support for showing datastores with their available size and
capacity, bug fixes
0.1.7 * rev'd changelog/readme, formatting cleanup
0.1.6 * merged in changes from Jesse Campbell, supporting VLAN/resource
pool/folder/data store selection, run list support, and much more
0.1.5 * support customized hostname, post-clone poweron
0.1.4 * added support for vm powerstate control
0.1.3 * added support for listing customization specs, applying during cloning
0.1.2 * support nested vm/host folders
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