Twitter Analytics on the Cloud
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Twitter Analytics on the Cloud

The team project of course 15-619 at CMU. By Team CodingSquirrels: Haibin Lin, Aaron Chen and Hechao Li.


  • Implement Extract Transform and Load (ETL) on a large data set (~ 1 TB) and load into MySQL and HBase systems.
  • Design and optimize MySQL and HBase databases to deal with scale and improve throughput.
  • Explore and utilize various methods and tools to improve the performance of a complete web service.
  • Develop consistent servers to handle write queries, range queries and read queries.

Tech Stack

  • Extract and transform with AWS Elastic MapReduce
  • Load balance web traffic with AWS Elastic Load Balancer and Nginx proxy server
  • Handle web request with Vert.x web server
  • Load data with MySQL and Apache HBase