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Create an OpenEventDB map with uMap


Umap is an open source, WTFPL-licensed software. An instance of it lets you create a map with OpenStreetMap layers in a minute and embed them in your site. You can create custom maps (see the examples at the instances' front pages).

See documentation on openstreetmap wiki : http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/UMap

A map with OpenEventDB datas

It's possible to create a map linked to OpenEventDatabase stream (datas)

Open umap

Open uMap and register and choose a provider (OpenStreetMap, GitHub, BitBucket or twitter at the moment).

Create a new map and quick settings

Click on "create a map", you can :

Change basemap

Edit properties :

Now we want to add datas...

Adding OpenEventDB datas

Just let me take an example, soccer competition "euro 2016".

To generate the stream it's quiet simple, just with an URL : http://api.openeventdatabase.org/event?what=sport.match.soccer.euro2016&start=2016-06-10&stop=2016-07-14

URL actually defines 2 filters :

  • when : start=2016-06-10&stop=2016-07-14
  • what : sport.match.soccer.euro2016

Click on import datas button, paste URL and choose geojson format (default format on OEDB).

Click on "Import" and enjoy the result...

Customize popups

Now we have events diplayed on map but no popup on click...

By default key "name" is default field diplayed in popup.

If you want to diplay another field (or more) you can do it by customizing popup options.

It's quiet simple, you just have to type keys under brackets like {label}. That will bind datas if keys exists. Note that markdown format is supported for formatting, thats very flexible.

You must desactivate edition to see result (allow click to popup)

Create a realtime layer

The last example (euro 2016) is cool but only display static content.

You can also use live datas just in selecting the right filters (and a live datasource).

Example : today accidents

API offers special filters for when like last5minutes, today, lastmonth...

You just have to take the previos sample with this URL : http://api.openeventdatabase.org/event?what=traffic.accident&when=today