Papertrail webhook to send alerts to Prowl for iOS push notification
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Papertrail Prowl Webhook

A simple webhook to send log messages to Prowl to provide simple iOS notifications.


Step 1: Create a heroku app

$ heroku create -s cedar

Step 2: Get a prowl API key


Step 3: Add API key to your heroku app

$ heroku config:add PROWL_API_KEY=69fd475972db19b6c2ee1f68d08acff1c4bcbf5b

Step 4: Create a Papertrail saved search

  1. Create a saved search for a unique term (something like ops-alert would work)
  2. Create a search alert (webhook) pointing to your heroku app pointing to /submit

Find out more about search alerts and webhooks here:


Once you've created a saved search in Papertrail and configured the search alert, you can now send log messages that match that message.

For example, if your saved search matches ops-alert, you could use this to alert you when a big transfer has completed:

$ rsync -R /backup backup:/backup ; logger -t ops-alert The transfer has completed