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# In your controller
@users, @paginator = User.alpha_scope :last_name, params[:ltr]

# In your view
<%= alphabar @paginator %>
  <% for user in @users %>
    <li><%= user %></li>
  <% end %>

See rdoc for more details.


This plugin/gem was mostly written in the early 1.0 days. Upgraded to 1.2 as some point. Just recently updated to 2.3.8 then 3.x although in the process the old testing code was too crufty to upgrade so I just dropped it completely.

So it has some experience but the upgrade cycles might have introduced some bugs. Without good testing we don't know.

Tasks for a future project:

  • Implement testing again


This code was developed by Eric Anderson ( in large part while working on projects under CorData (

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