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Things I will probably not implement but I welcome others to do.
== Security
I tried to not do anything dumb but this code isn't audited either.
For that reason I recommend this tool be used for only for development
purposes and not used in production until someone takes a closer look
at security.
== Performance
We could possibly support FastCGI and some sort of mod_php-like
interface to allow greater performance. Useful if someone uses this
in production.
== Corner Cases
I doubt I am supporting the full CGI spec. I am sure there are corner
cases where this software doesn't work. Also I don't know what the
implications are for things like php safe mode and other php corner
== Standard Error Capture Hacks
Currently I am using a tempfile to capture the standard error from
the CGI script. This seems a little hackish. Would like to just
capture the standard error directly.
== Forward Thinking
This code is un-tested in Ruby 1.9
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