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The goal is to keep this gem as simple as possible. We don't want some big
complicated library. Just something that will provide a bit of help in running
tests on Rails engines. So unless we have a REAL WORLD need for a feature it
will not be added. This file is the place to store those things we think will
be cool but don't yet have a REAL WORLD need.
* Support different test frameworks (rspec, etc.)
* Allow a gem to tweak the generated app. Likely by allow it to add it's own
template/generator/thor commands.
* Allow the tests to be run against a real app not just dummy apps. That way
you can verify everything works in your app. Not just an empty app.
* We could likely support recent versions of Rails 2.x by generating a 2.x
app, then adding Bundler support to that app.
* Allow tests to be run against a custom database rather than assuming SQLite
* Rails has a whole suite of Test::Unit tasks that we are not mimicing such as
test:uncommited and test:recent. We may want to add these if people start
creating large engines.
* Might be useful to have a rake task or generator for creating a
test_helper.rb file
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