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Erica Sadun,
UIKit Compatibility for NSBezierPath
#if os(OSX)
import Cocoa
import UIKit
// Workaround for having distinct platform definitions of the same Objective-C call
extension NSString {
// Returns the bounding box size the receiver occupies when drawn with the given attributes.
public func _size(attributes attrs: [String : Any]? = nil) -> CGSize {
#if os(OSX)
return size(withAttributes: attrs)
return size(attributes: attrs)
#if os(OSX)
extension NSBezierPath {
/// Appends a straight line to the receiver’s path.
open func addLine(to point: CGPoint) {
self.line(to: point)
/// Adds a Bezier cubic curve to the receiver’s path.
open func addCurve(to point: CGPoint, controlPoint1: CGPoint, controlPoint2: CGPoint) {
self.curve(to: point, controlPoint1: controlPoint1, controlPoint2: controlPoint2)
/// Appends a quadratic Bézier curve to the receiver’s path.
open func addQuadCurve(to point: CGPoint, controlPoint: CGPoint) {
let (d1x, d1y) = (controlPoint.x - currentPoint.x, controlPoint.y - currentPoint.y)
let (d2x, d2y) = (point.x - controlPoint.x, point.y - controlPoint.y)
let cp1 = CGPoint(x: controlPoint.x - d1x / 3.0, y: controlPoint.y - d1y / 3.0)
let cp2 = CGPoint(x: controlPoint.x + d2x / 3.0, y: controlPoint.y + d2y / 3.0)
self.curve(to: point, controlPoint1: cp1, controlPoint2: cp2)
/// Appends an arc to the receiver’s path.
open func addArc(withCenter center: CGPoint, radius: CGFloat, startAngle: CGFloat, endAngle: CGFloat, clockwise: Bool) {
let _startAngle = startAngle * 180.0 / CGFloat(M_PI)
let _endAngle = endAngle * 180.0 / CGFloat(M_PI)
appendArc(withCenter: .zero, radius: radius, startAngle: _startAngle, endAngle: _endAngle, clockwise: !clockwise)
/// Creates and returns a new BezierPath object initialized with a rounded rectangular path.
public convenience init(roundedRect: CGRect, cornerRadius: CGFloat) {
self.init(roundedRect: roundedRect, xRadius: cornerRadius, yRadius: cornerRadius)
/// Transforms all points in the path using the specified affine transform matrix.
open func apply(_ theTransform: CGAffineTransform) {
let t = NSAffineTransform()
t.transformStruct = NSAffineTransformStruct(m11: theTransform.a, m12: theTransform.b, m21: theTransform.c, m22: theTransform.d, tX: theTransform.tx, tY: theTransform.ty)
transform(using: t)
extension BezierPath {
/// Creates and returns a new CGPath object initialized with the contents of the Bezier Path
/// - Note: Implemented to match the UIKit version
public var cgPath: CGPath {
let path = CGMutablePath()
var points: [CGPoint] = Array<CGPoint>(repeating: .zero, count: 3)
for i in 0 ..< self.elementCount {
let type = self.element(at: i, associatedPoints: &points)
switch type {
case .moveToBezierPathElement: path.move(to: points[0])
case .lineToBezierPathElement: path.addLine(to: points[0])
case .curveToBezierPathElement: path.addCurve(to: points[2], control1: points[0], control2: points[1])
case .closePathBezierPathElement: path.closeSubpath()
return path
/// Creates and returns a new UIBezierPath object initialized with the contents of a Core Graphics path.
/// - Warning: To match UIKit, this cannot be a failable initializer
public convenience init(cgPath: CGPath) {
self.init(); var selfref = self
cgPath.apply(info: &selfref, function: {
(selfPtr, elementPtr: UnsafePointer<CGPathElement>) in
guard let selfPtr = selfPtr else {
fatalError("init(cgPath: CGPath): Unable to unwrap pointer to self")
let pathPtr = selfPtr.bindMemory(to: BezierPath.self, capacity: 1)
let path = pathPtr.pointee
let element = elementPtr.pointee
switch element.type {
case .moveToPoint: path.move(to: element.points[0])
case .addLineToPoint: path.addLine(to: element.points[0])
case .addQuadCurveToPoint: path.addQuadCurve(to: element.points[1], controlPoint: element.points[0])
case .addCurveToPoint: path.addCurve(to: element.points[2], controlPoint1: element.points[0], controlPoint2: element.points[1])
case .closeSubpath: path.close()