Practical real-world dates: timey-wimey date-y things, Swift successor to old NSDate repo
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Swift Dates

BSD. Use at your own risk.

Various datelike things.

Date Utilities

  • Adds sharedCalendar and now as Date static property
  • Implements date properites for time interval and component retrieval
  • Date characteristics (past, future, weekend, weekday)
  • Time interval between two dates, from one date to another, single component distance
  • Returning days/hours/minutes/seconds to another date
  • Offsets (dhms) to another date
  • Nearest hour and minute
  • Start of day, end of day, end of today, start of week, next week, last week, this week, start of year, next year, last year
  • Today, tomorrow, yesterday for real time and for a given date
  • Whether two dates are on the same day, same week, same year

Date Math

  • Common time intervals (smhdw)
  • Integer interval math (, 2.weeks, etc, smhdw)
  • Date + Components
  • Components +/- Components

Date Formatting

  • ISO 8601 formatter, short/medium/long/full date and time formatters
  • ISO 8601/short/medium/long/full date strings
  • Short/medium/long/full time strings

Calendar Utilities

  • Comprehensive component(of date: Date) for all standard components, for any calendar.

Date Component Utilities

  • Common, comprehensive, MDY, HMS, MDYHMS component sets
  • Common, comprehensive, MDY, HMS, and MDYHMS component date properties
  • Populate date components by single MDYHMSn component counts
  • Offset date by count of a single component:
    • offset(_ component: Calendar.Component, _ count: Int) -> Date
  • Date component subscripting
  • Initialize date components from time interval DateComponents(ti:)
  • Return a set of members making up an individual date component instance
  • Standardization: trimmed (zero-valued components removed, normalized (all positive values), timeInteval (representation of the date components as a time interval offset from the reference date)
  • Presentation: standard, relative, approximate
let dc = DateComponents(minute: 7, second: 5)
print(dc.description(remaining: true, approximate: true)) 
// About 7 minutes, 5 seconds remaining
print(dc.description(style: .approximate)) 
// About 7 minutes from now
print(dc.description(style: .relative)) 
// 7 minutes, 5 seconds from now
print(dc.description(style: .standard)) 
// 7 minutes, 5 seconds
let units: [DateComponentsFormatter.UnitsStyle] = 
    [.positional, .abbreviated, .short, .full, .spellOut]
// 7:05, 7m 5s, 7 min, 5 sec, 7 minutes, 5 seconds, seven minutes, five seconds