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Name That Tune

GA August 2014, Final Project

Name That Tune is a game that allows users to guess the name of that tune. It allows any user to join an already created room or create their own room so that they can play with others.

This app was developed by Erica Kantor as a final project for a Web development Immersive at General Assembly. It is intended as a study in using Node.js, express, and to create a game that can be played with others over the internet.

###Technologies Used

User Stories

  • A user input their name
  • A user connect to a room
  • A user can create a room
  • A user can play against friends in that room
  • A user can search for a song
  • A user can recieve hints if they don't know the song
  • A user can guess a song
  • A user is told if they are correct
  • If the points per round hits 0 for all players before someone guesses the song a new round is begun
  • A user can leave a room

Future Features

  • Diffuculty levels based on room name
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