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This project is a demonstration of different iOS 7 customized modal transitions as presented first at Alt Tech Talks London by Eric Allam.

The lightening talk is called "Building Better Transitions" and it was based on work I've done on the Core iOS 7 course for Code School. If you are new to creating custom transitions, I highly suggest checking out that course for a really good intro, as well as deeper-dives into interactive transitions and transitions using UIKit dynamics.

Using this project

This project was built using Xcode Version 5.1 (5B45j), and targets 7.0. It does have one Xib that can't be opened by Xcode 5.0 because it includes an aspect ratio constraint.

Reading the code

I suggest starting at MainViewController.m and then following the code paths leading out from each action method.

I've commented the "final" modal the most, so make sure and check out the PhotoVCFinal.m and FinalTransition.m files.


If you have any questions about this project, please reach out to me on twitter: @eallam.