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A better workflow for building modern static websites.
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Static Site Boilerplate


git clone
cd static-site-boilerplate
rm -rf .git && git init


  • Modern Technologies: Full support for HTML5, JavaScript (Vanilla and ES6) and CSS (Sass and PostCSS)
  • Built-in Server: Local development server with hot reloading
  • Performance Tuning: CSS and JavaScript transpilation, bundling, autoprefixing, and minification
  • Image Optimization: Optimizes images for loading speed
  • Favicon Generation: Automatically generates all favicons for Web, Apple and Android devices from one image file
  • Code Linting: Full support for JavaScript (ESLint) and CSS (StyleLint) linting
  • Sitemap & Robots.txt Generation: Automatically generates a sitemap.xml and robots.txt files
  • Setup Wizard: Optionally install helpful libraries and snippets including:
    • CSS Resets: normalize.css reset.css or sanitize.css
    • jQuery
    • Google Analytics
  • Cutting Edge: Uses Webpack for processing and bundling your code
  • Deployment: Built-in support for deployment via FTP or Netlify

Browser Support

  • Chrome (latest 2)
  • Edge (latest 2)
  • Firefox (latest 2)
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Opera (latest 2)
  • Safari (latest 2)

This is fully dependent on your code and doesn't mean that Static Site Boilerplate won't work in older browsers, just that we'll ensure compatibility with the ones mentioned above.

Support & Contributing

For general questions about Static Site Boilerplate, tweet at @ericalli.

Anyone is welcome to contribute. If you decide to get involved, please take a moment and check out the following:


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Eric Alli


The code is available under the MIT license.

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