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Customisable prefix for IE6/7 property hacks #161

djessup opened this Issue · 3 comments

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In a couple of places Susy uses #-hacks to target properties at IE6/7.

I'd argue this is less widely understood than the classic Star Hack, which has the same functional effect.

It also causes problems with CSSO, which in fairness is just as much a bug in CSSO as it is a problem with Susy, but nonetheless I think the prefix could reasonably be a configurable option instead of being hard-coded.

I've submitted a PR with a patch that does this.


I don't see ay reason to add a setting for a hack. If there's a better hack to be using for the same purpose, I'd rather just make the change and move on. There's nothing special about the specific hack.


Thanks, I've committed a fix with hard-coded star-hack in lieu of the setting. It's attached to the original PR.



@ericam ericam closed this
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