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Susy Documenation

Susy's documentation source is written with Middleman (3.x). For the actual documentation on using Susy, visit Susy's web site. For help learning Middleman and to contribute to the docs, visit the Middleman web site.

Editing Susy's Docs

Susy's docs are all marked up with (GitHub Flavored) Markdown, and templated with HAML.

Adding Content

Add all content to the /docs/source/guides/ directory. All files will take an extension, and are written with in Markdown:


All page titles and sidebar content are handled with YAML at the top of a specific page. If title and/or side_content are not defined, defaults will be provided.

Example: (e.g. /docs/source/guides/

title: I'm an awesome title
side_content: >
  <p>Regular ol' HTML goes here</p>
    <li><a href="#">Include Subnav</a></li>

# Title

And some content

Note that the > in side_content: > is required to render HTML.

Doc-wide Navigation

To add a page to the doc-wide navigation, add it to /docs/source/partials/_navigation.haml.

Default URL for /guides/

Edit /docs/source/config.rb to change the default landing page for /docs/source/guides/.


As all of Susy's docs use pre-processors that are whitespace-sensitive, please use 2 Soft Tabs for indentation.

Code Highlighting

Susy's docs uses Rack::Codehighlighter (and pygments.rb) to automatically highlight Markdown code blocks. You just have to indicate the type in a code block:

$total-columns  : 12;
$column-width   : 4em;
$gutter-width   : 1em;
$grid-padding   : $gutter-width;
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