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Basic Guiding Tenants

Susy Next is designed to be a defining next-generation grid system, allowing for a single, unified input API that utilizes natural language input to create any grid you could possibly want. With this in mind, we adhere to the following tenants:

  • We shall design the input API to be output system agnostic
  • We shall design an input API that is easy to use
  • We shall not assume an output style, it shall always be user defined
  • We shall design the system to be future friendly
  • We shall design the system to be cross-browser compatible
  • We shall not assume source HTML
    • One exception: [dir=LNG] for direction, as it is the only standard way to set language direction in HTML

A Separation of Concerns

In order to accomplish our stated tenants, we shall need to separate the Susy architecture into different segments. The segments are as follows:

  1. Input Layer
    • User facing
    • Natural language keywords/sentence structure
    • User facing global variables
  2. Translation Layer
    • Translates Input into local variables to be used to calculate output
  3. Plugin API
  4. Output Layer
    • Actual output of CSS
    • Defined by individual output systems
    • Shared components are allowed and encouraged (width calculations are going to be more or less the same, for instance)
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