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<title>Control Our Junk - Home</title>
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<div id="container">
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<div id="nav" align="center"><a href="index.php" onMouseOver="movr(1);return true;" onMouseOut="mout(1);return true;"><img name="img1" border="0" alt="Home" src="pics/home.png"></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="control.php" onMouseOver="movr(2);return true;" onMouseOut="mout(2);return true;"><img name="img2" border="0" alt="Control" src="pics/control.png"></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="about.php" onMouseOver="movr(3);return true;" onMouseOut="mout(3);return true;"><img name="img3" border="0" alt="About" src="pics/about.png"></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="pictures.php" onMouseOver="movr(4);return true;" onMouseOut="mout(4);return true;"><img name="img4" border="0" alt="Pictures" src="pics/pictures.png"></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="" onMouseOver="movr(5);return true;" onMouseOut="mout(5);return true;"><img name="img5" border="0" alt="Gear" src="pics/gear.png"></a></div>
<div id="main">
<div class="fullbox"><div class="fullheader">What is Control Our Junk?</div><div class="text" align="center">Control Our Junk is the #1 place for Internet controlled toys. With Control Our Junk, you have the ability to control the lights in our loft, the lights in our basement, an R/C Car, and a robotic claw right from your web browser via a webcam that you can aim. Control Our Junk puts you in control of our house. Experiment and have fun. -Control Our Junk Team</div></div>
<div class="leftbox"><div class="halfheader">Latest News</div>
<div class="header">09.18.08 -- *New Changes*</div>
<div class="text">A lot has happened in a year and we've decided that to keep the COJ project alive we need to change things up a bit. The Control Our Junk project is now located at <a href=""></a> where our video podcast will also be located. A new layout will be launched for the site soon as well as new toys and new things to explore. It'll be the same COJ you've come to know and love but in a new location and greatly improved. Look forward to these updates soon! -Eric</div>
$oldnews = $_REQUEST['oldnews']; //Grab the oldnews variable
if ($oldnews == 'y')
echo '<div class="header">09.27.07 -- Changes</div>
<div class="text">A few things were just changed around a bit. The railing lights have been moved to the loft window and the thermometer has been set on the windowsill. One of the basement cams have been moved upstairs to cover the window and the other 2 cams have been taken offline to conserve bandwidth. This should hopefully make the site run a bit smoother. We\'re also looking at buying better webcams for the future. -Eric</div>
<div class="header">09.04.07 -- Pictures Updated</div>
<div class="text">I just finished updating the pictures page with brand new pictures of everything. It\'s been a while since the last update and things have changed quite a bit. I also tried to give a bit more information about things on the pictures page as well. Check it out. -Eric</div>
<div class="header">08.22.07 -- New Layout</div>
<div class="text">The new Control Our Junk layout has just been rolled out. It should organize content a bit more and make things look a bit nicer. The tables on the control page are now gone and everything is coded with HTML and CSS. You may have noticed some downtime on the site the past week or so. We\'ve had a mix of power outages and server problems, but it seems we\'re okay now. More later. -Eric</div>
<div class="header">07.14.07 -- COJ Area Modified</div>
<div class="text">I just finished reconstructing the old setup with a board on the ground and 2x4s attached to it. It looks a bit cleaner and should hold together. -Eric<br>Update: Objects hitting the wood board all night is too loud, so I had to revert to the old setup directly on the basement floor. At least I have my 2x4 frame still setup. -Eric</div>
<div class="header">06.24.07 -- Chat System Verification</div>
<div class="text">I just finished coding the admin feature of the chat. You will either see <font color="red">Eric</font> or <font color="red">Ben</font> as our usernames. Only if they are red does it mean that it is us. If a user is not red, they are not an admin of the site. Code work is going slow for the missile launcher. Hopefully it will be online next week. -Eric</div>
<div class="header">06.15.07 -- USB Missile Launcher/Code Work</div>
<div class="text">I just ordered a USB Missile Launcher last night. I\'m hoping to add it to COJ when it comes. So far we\'ve controlled everything through the serial port, so this will be our first USB setup. If all fails we will likely hack apart the launcher and control it by servos. I\'m hoping to change the code on the site a bit is well. The new newspost system I want to get coded will allow us to individually post on the main page, which is why I\'m starting to post news as myself (Eric). I also need to code in an admin feature on the chat system so everybody knows that it\'s really us talking. If all goes well there will also be a new webcam online today (another view for the robot arm.) I\'ll try and update the site/news more often to keep everyone up to date. -Eric</div>
<div class="header">06.12.07 -- Loft Lamp Down</div>
<div class="text">The batteries in the wireless remote died for the loft light. They\'re specialized batteries so the ability to control the loft light is offline until we can replace these batteries. I\'m hoping to code an admin feature for the chat soon so that people can no longer imitate me(Eric). -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">05.09.07 -- Power Outage</div>
<div class="text">Today we had an extensive power outage when a severe storm passed through the area. The Internet was down for some time after the power came back. The UPS systems couldn\'t keep the servers online for the durataion of the outage, so COJ was down the majority of the day. Everything is back online now and hopefully we won\'t get any more big storms that will take down the power. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">02.15.07 -- Backend Updates</div>
<div class="text">Some upgrades of the backend of COJ were just applied. Nothing will really be visible on the user-end of COJ, but realtime auto-off has been implemented. Formerly, the COJ code would only check every 5-10 minutes to see if the lights need to be powered off if no one is controlling. Now the COJ server checks every second to see if it needs to shut the power off. This new upgrade has also improved the code so that servos are not flicking switches every 5 minutes when there is no use with the loft lights. A servo will only be activated if it needs to shut the power off. Hopefully there won\'t be any bugs and everything will continue running smoothly. It also appears that someone has been pretending to be me (Eric Barch) in the COJ chat and saying things that just aren\'t true. If there are any updates (new toys coming, changes with COJ, etc...) it will be posted here on the front page. Nothing is changing with COJ at the current time, but we would like to add more and upgrade our hardware in the future. That\'s all for now. Thanks for stopping by! -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">01.29.07 -- Claw Back (Hopefully for Good)</div>
<div class="text">We ordered some new powerful and reliable motors and they came today. We modified the robot claw a little bit and now it\'s completely back online. These motors weren\'t cheapos so they should last quite some time. If any of them do burn out we have a spare and we will order more if needed. Enjoy. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">01.11.07 -- Update</div>
<div class="text">Unfortunately, the claw motors keep burning out. We\'ve taken it offline and it will stay offline until we can get money to buy new and better motors. We\'ll keep updating the site time to time. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.31.06 -- Claw Back/New Years Eve</div>
<div class="text">So for New Years Eve I (Eric) decided I\'d give it another shot repairing the robot claw. An hour later and I finished repairing the gripper motor and putting the gripper back together. Have fun controlling the robot claw and Happy New Year! -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.30.06 -- Some Changes</div>
<div class="text">Today the stationary webcam was taken down to save some bandwidth. The pan/tilt camera can see everything just as well. The webcams page has also been merged into the control page. You can now select which camera you would like to view and the page will change the webcam source as soon as you click the link. This will also save bandwidth because multiple webcams will not be loaded at the same time. We\'re still trying to figure out what to do with the claw. More info later... -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.25.06 -- Claw Down (Again)</div>
<div class="text">It looks like we just can\'t catch a break with the robot claw. After the trouble with the shoulder motor, the gripper motor has died as well. We\'re going to be looking around for better motors, but at the moment it seems the only thing to do is to build a new robot claw. For now the robot claw will be offline until further notice. Luckily the R/C Car continues to run after much use. We\'ll keep you posted. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.24.06 -- Claw Shoulder Down // Ajax Based Control</div>
<div class="text">It seems the claw shoulder motor is having some trouble. We\'ll take a look at it tomorrow. Ajax based control has just been implemented. Gone are the days of the refreshing iFrame. The new JavaScript powered control will control everything without reloading the page. This will minimize bandwidth and all the connections are handled by the dedicated server, so we won\'t get swarmed with requests if COJ gets a high amount of traffic. Enjoy. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.24.06 -- Claw Back Online</div>
<div class="text">We finally managed to bring the robot claw back online. We\'re not sure how long it will last, but tons of stuff has been fixed on it. Two gears have been replaced, including one that was machined out of aluminum. One motor has been replaced with a motor we found in the basement, another was modified with parts from a new motor. We\'ve spent quite a bit of time getting all this stuff fixed so we\'re hoping everything will work for a while. Enjoy. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.24.06 -- Claw Back Online Soon (Hopefully)</div>
<div class="text">We have machined a new gear for the robot claw but it seems the replacement motors we bought don\'t work very well. They\'re quite loud and aren\'t very reliable. We have found that taking apart the new motors and using parts from them in the old motors actually make them work. We\'ve got 4 working motors now so we should be able to get everything back online. Expect the claw to be back online within a day. Also, we ended up getting two Nintendo Wiis the other night. We\'ve already sold one and are in the process of selling the other one. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.20.06 -- More Problems</div>
<div class="text">If you\'ve noticed, it\'s been very hard to control the robot claw recently. The new motots just came in but now a gear in the robot claw is missing several teeth, likely to have been caused by users pushing the shoulder beyond its limit. We\'re not sure how to repair it yet, so the claw will continue having problems until this is repaired. We are also looking into building a new robot claw. We bought 10 motors so that we have replacements for the robot claw and the company we bought them from made a mistake and shipped us 100 motors. We\'ve been told to keep the motors, so we shouldn\'t have to worry about running out of motors...ever. We just need to repair the gear now. As a sidenote, we will be camping out tomorrow night to get 2 Nintendo Wiis so that we can sell them and afford a new DV cam for filming <a href=\'\'>The Tech Junkies</a>. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.13.06 -- Robot Claw Lives! *UPDATE*</div>
<div class="text">We finished getting the robot claw back online, and it worked great for a few hours. Of course, something always has to go wrong. Now that the base rotation motor has been replaced, the elbow motor has decided to die. These motors have never been replaced so we\'re not that surprised that they\'re dying. We recieved a donation from Alek of and another donation from a COJ user. Thank you for donating! With this money we bought a 10 pack of replacement motors for the claw and they should be here shortly. When the motors come in we\'ll replace the elbow motor and have plenty of spares if any other motors burn up. The backyard camera has been re-enabled because we have more bandwidth to spare again. A bug has also been fixed on the webcam grabbing script so that the pan/tilt camera updates properly again. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.12.06 -- Robot Claw Lives!</div>
<div class="text">We\'ve found an old motor lying around in the basement that almost matches the robot claw motors exactly. It looks like the power supplies that give the robot claw power have burned up, though. We have a backup power supply but we need to re-wire a few things to make this new supply work. The robot claw will hopefully be back online tomorrow (Wednesday night.) The enclosure has been modified a bit so that there is more room for the R/C Car to drive around in. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.11.06 -- R.I.P. Robot Claw *UPDATE*</div>
<div class="text">For now we\'ve disconnected the claw to take a look at it and see if it\'s fixable. For now you\'ll only be able to control the car and the lights. Hopefully we can either fix it or get donations to buy a new one. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.11.06 -- R.I.P. Robot Claw</div>
<div class="text">Unfortunately, the robotic claw has finally bit the dust. The rotation motor has completely burned out from so much use. It handled the Digg effect but died shortly after. We really can\'t fix it so we need to either buy a new claw or build a new claw. It doesn\'t look like we\'ll have any spare time soon and we\'re very short on cash. If you have any spare cash at all, it would really help if you could donate to us via the Control page. We\'re sorry about this. Hopefully we\'ll be able to buy or make a new claw soon. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.11.06 -- Back from the Digg Effect</div>
<div class="text">After too many connections throughout the night, the server seems to be stable once again. Slowly everything is coming back online. Sorry about the downtime and hopefully we won\'t go down again. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.10.06 -- Dugg *UPDATE*</div>
<div class="text">Well it seems that with so many users trying to connect at once, our router is crashing. There\'s really nothing we can do except let it work itself out. Just bookmark the page and come back a bit later. We\'ll be back as soon as possible. We promise. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.10.06 -- Dugg</div>
<div class="text">A simple comment about Control Our Junk started the digg effect and <a href=\'\'>this post</a> completed it. We were a bit unprepared for being dugg. Once we figured out we were being hit with the digg effect, we quickly mirrored the webcam to the dedicated server. Right now the Java webcam and the Flash controller are disabled so we can handle much more traffic. We\'re not worried at all about bandwidth, as the dedicated server has 500GB of it. Have fun everyone and welcome Digg users! -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.02.06 -- More Additions</div>
<div class="text">On the Webcams page you can now turn the lights on and off for our Loft and Balcony. Annoy us and our neighbors! We\'re still experimenting with the wireless switches so it may not be completely reliable. Have fun. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.02.06 -- JavaScript Webcam</div>
<div class="text">The JavaScript webcam problem has been solved over slow connections. You can now specify how often to reload the webcam image. To support more users we have disabled the Java webcam for now. The JavaScript webcam update is far more constant and the framerate is almost as good as the Java client. *EDIT* Due to compatibility issues we\'ve decided to add Java once again. We\'ll keep it like this now. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.01.06 -- Pictures Updated</div>
<div class="text">For everyone who wants to see new pictures of COJ, make sure to check out the Pictures page. Just finished updating them. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.01.06 -- Usage Stats and a new Webcam Added</div>
<div class="text">The front page now displays how many times the controls have been toggled per day. Looking at the number just shows you how much our servos work each day. At the time of writing this, we\'ve had 3894 toggles today. Also, another webcam was added to the first story and is aiming at the left side of the frontyard. If we find another location that is more interesting we will move the camera there. Right now we\'re getting quite a bit of snow and freezing rain. It may be hard to see it on the webcams, but the weather is quite nasty right now. Enjoy the additions. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">11.30.06 -- Monitor Removed for Now</div>
<div class="text">We\'ve been using the computer that runs COJ Monitor quite a bit for other things so we can\'t run COJ Monitor for a while. It will be removed from the site until we have a dedicated system or another way to do it. The code is ready to go whenever this happens. More site upgrades will be worked on soon. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">11.28.06 -- Stage I Complete</div>
<div class="text">Instead of implementing the frontend code today I worked and completed the modifications on the backend. Files have been re-written and various files have been organized and optimized. Work on the frontend will most likely continue tomorrow.</div>
<div class="header">11.28.06 -- Backend/Frontend Upgrades</div>
<div class="text">I (Eric) will be doing some backend and frontend code modifications today and possibly throughout the week. COJ may be down from time to time, but I\'ll try and keep a temp page online so controlling still works. I\'ll be implementing an admin system so that it is easy for us to post new news from a web interface. I\'m also planning on re-writing a bit of the backend code to improve how things work. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">11.27.06 -- Additions</div>
<div class="text">Christmas lights were added to the COJ enclosue last night which are now controllabe. We also just added COJ Monitor which allows users to send messages to the monitor in our room. You can see the messages coming in on the live webcam. This is only is testing so it\'s likely that it will be offline quite a bit, such as when we\'re asleep or watching TV. Enjoy. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">11.26.06 -- We\'re Back</div>
<div class="text">We\'re back and everything was all over the place. Looks like everyone had fun on the site while we were gone. We had a big surge in traffic on Thanksgiving day. COJ was offline for about a half hour today so we could re-organize our messy network. No more planned outages for now. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">11.23.06 -- Happy Thanksgiving</div>
<div class="text">Just wanted to wish a happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We\'ll be away quite a bit this week so stuff might not get reset as much, if at all. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">11.15.06 -- Upgrade a Success</div>
<div class="text">The upgrade went without a hitch and we\'re back online. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">11.15.06 -- Scheduled Maintenance</div>
<div class="text">The COJ server will be down for a little while tonight for performance upgrades. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">11.10.06 -- Updates</div>
<div class="text">Unfortunately, both of the trains have burned up from excessive use. For now we\'ll keep them offline unless we can repair them. We\'ve moved things around a bit to allow the R/C Car and claw to interact with each other. The Flash controller has also been updated for easier controlling. This weekend we\'re hoping to start work on the new claw. It will be much more accurate and powerful. We\'ll keep you updated. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">11.09.06 -- Claw Shoulder Online/Inner Train Offline</div>
<div class="text">We swapped the motor on the Claw today so that the shoulder is once again working. The Inner train has gotten so much use that it seems the gears are stripping. We\'ve taken it offline while we look into fixing it. You may notice a bit of webcam jitter while using the claw shoulder. We\'re noticing a bit of interference between all our cables. We\'re planning on re-routing them this weekend. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">11.07.06 -- 100% Back Online</div>
<div class="text">We just finished getting the trains back online. Everything is now back and fully controllable. We\'ve also added the option to load the webcam with either Java or JavaScript for maximum compatibility. We\'re going to start planning for the future of Control Our Junk soon and decide what were going to add and change. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">11.05.06 -- Online for the most Part</div>
<div class="text">We just finished wiring up the new COJ controller. We\'re having a few problems with how the trains work so we will be working on that later on, but everything else is working. COJ was down for a while this morning because it seems a hard drive is failing in the server. It just seems it\'s one problem after another. We\'ll keep you updated. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">11.02.06 -- Upgrades Are Time Consuming</div>
<div class="text">We\'re still working on the new controller upgrade. There\'s almost 200 solder points and the work is going a bit slow. We\'re getting more projects back online each night, though. Parts of the website have been down the last 24 hours or so due to our Internet provider which caused code on the site to malfunction. We\'re hoping to be 100% back as soon as possible. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.31.06 -- Upgrades</div>
<div class="text">Tonight we\'ll be upgrading the servo panel and adding another servo controller so that we can control 32 servos. The site will be down until then. -COJ Team<br><br>Update: This upgrade is going to take a bit longer than we expected. Most of it is completed but we\'ll finish the remainder of it tomorrow. Sorry for the downtime, but we do need sleep too. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.31.06 -- Major Power Failure</div>
<div class="text">Today Control Our Junk was down most of the day. We had a power failure, which is quite common around our area, but the power stayed off for a number of hours. Normally the UPS backup system keeps everything running through the outages, but it lasted longer than what our UPS systems could supply for. Our Internet provider went down first, then the computer that hosts the outdoor webcams went down, and finally the COJ server went down. Every system went offline in the house during the outage. When I (Eric) got home I was busy powering everything back online and the main data drive failed to start. Long story short, it appears the hard drive that stores most of our data is starting to die and it was probably caused by the power surges, even though everything is on UPS systems with surge protection. This made the outage even longer. It looks like the hard drive will last for at least a little while longer, but it\'s probably not good that the drive is moaning (literally). So sorry for the downtime, but this was a pretty serious issue today. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.29.06 -- Problems</div>
<div class="text">Problems with how the Flash based chat system reloaded the chat data was causing problems. Until a new custom chat system is coded we will be using a reliable and well coded script called Lace. Enjoy. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.29.06 -- Do The Updates ever Stop?</div>
<div class="text">Just finished the new Flash based chat system. No more iFrame refreshing or annoying forms. The chat system is now coded in Flash. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.28.06 -- Chat Integrated/Controller Updated</div>
<div class="text">To make it easier to communicate with other COJ controllers and ourselves, the chat has been integrated into the control page. Remember, if a red [Admin] tag is in front of our names, you know that it is actually us. Users have been saying that it is hard to use the claw when it moves too far or too little. The updated controller lets you specify in seconds how long to move the base or arm. We\'ve also been doing some work on the backend of COJ and improving how things work. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.26.06 -- Server Back Online/Pumpkin Removed</div>
<div class="text">The server has been sucessfully upgraded and is running great. For an unexplained reason, one of the servo channels on the serial port controller is no longer functioning. We will be looking into this to try and find the reason. Until then, the pumpkin had to be removed to keep webcam pan functional. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.26.06 -- Scheduled Downtime</div>
<div class="text">Control Our Junk will be offline for a few hours starting around 3PM EST today. We are permorming a much needed server upgrade. The site will still be online but the webcam and controller interface will be unreachable. Sorry for the downtime and we\'ll be back online as soon as possible. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.25.06 -- New Chat System</div>
<div class="text">We\'ve just introduced the basic chat system. You can now chat with other COJ controllers and the COJ Team when we\'re online. We\'ll try to logon now and then. Our names will show up red to symbolize that we are admins. Anyone else who does not have red text is most likely someone pretending to be us. Enjoy. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.23.06 -- Flash Page Official</div>
<div class="text">With more code updates to the Flash control and the beta release of Flash 9 for Linux, we have released the new controller as well as a JavaScript powered webcam system. No longer are strange ports or Java required to control. Let us know how you like the new controller or if you have any suggestions. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.22.06 -- Flash Page Modified</div>
<div class="text">The Flash control page has been renamed the Beta page. We will test new things here first for the website. Right now we are also testing a Javascript webcam script instead of Java. It has a bit less frames per second, but it doesn\'t use as much resources as Java and most browsers support it by default. The Beta page only uses port 443 and not port 442 so most schools/companies will not block it. Thanks for testing the Beta page. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.22.06 -- Flash Controller</div>
<div class="text">We\'ve been experimenting around with Flash the last few days. We\'ve just added the Flash controller which is faster and less confusing than the HTML controller. We\'ll keep the HTML controller as the classic controller and allow users to use the flash controller as well. We will be testing this new controller for a while to see how reliable it is, and if everything looks good we will switch over. Enjoy and please send us feedback (coj*at*controlourjunk*dot*com). -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.13.06 -- COJ Updated</div>
<div class="text">To save on bandwidth and increase framerate we have setup a new pan/tilt camera so that we only need a single camera to cover the entire COJ area. Simply click \'Aim Camera Here\' on the control page and the pan/tilt system will automatically \'seek\' to the toy you selected. You can also manually enter how much you want to pan and tilt. Now you can have a look around the place and get a better angle on something. We\'ve resolved the problems we had today. Enjoy. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.13.06 -- Temporarily Unresponsive</div>
<div class="text">We are currently away from the house where COJ is located and it appears there is a small issue with the servo controller. We will either be back there tonight or tomorrow so it shouldn\'t be down too long. Sorry for the downtime. In the meantime you can check out the webcams aimed outside. (Edit: Looks like the computer hosting the webcams went down as well. We\'re not really sure what\'s going on. We\'ll check it out when we get back.) -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.11.06 -- More Webcams</div>
<div class="text">If you notice there is a new link (tab) at the top of the site called Webcams. We\'ve setup 2 USB webcams on our 2nd story that aims at our front and back yards. We have also setup an audio stream so you can listen in to what\'s happening outside our house. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.09.06 -- The Tech Junkies</div>
<div class="text">If you haven\'t seen <a href=\'\'>The Tech Junkies</a> yet, make sure to check it out. The Tech Junkies is our vidcast that we have just started working on. Episode 2, released today, includes a tour of the entire Control Our Junk area and a bit of behind the scenes stuff. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.07.06 -- Pumpkin Added</div>
<div class="text">Just added pumpkin control for a little halloween spirit. We\'re hoping to start adding holiday themed toys each holiday. Enjoy. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.04.06 -- New Layout</div>
<div class="text">Welcome to the new layout for Control Our Junk. The old layout was starting to get stale and had compatibility issues with Internet Explorer, which many of you apparently use. For best support, however, we still recommend <a href=\'\'>Firefox</a>. The new site has rounded corners using Javascript, gradients, and all that shiny goodness that a site should have. So enjoy. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">10.03.06 -- Updates</div>
<div class="text">Figured it was time for some updates. It appears that the shoulder motor has burned out in the robot claw, so until we fix it or build a new robot claw, you won\'t be able to use the shoulder. We\'ve been constantly updating the code that runs Control Our Junk. Today, the code was updated to keep track of the last time something was controlled. The lights will only turn off if there has been no activity in 5 minutes. This will make it less frustrating when controlling because the power will no longer turn off while you are in the middle of something. Have fun. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">08.02.06 -- Inner Train Online</div>
<div class="text">We bought a new train engine off of eBay. We added the controls to the interface and you can now control the inner train. Enjoy. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">07.31.06 -- Pictures Updated</div>
<div class="text">The pictures page was just updated with the latest Control Our Junk photos. More have been added and old pictures were updated. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">07.26.06 -- Back Online and Working Great</div>
<div class="text">The new code is now running on our Linux server. We\'re happy with the results and everything is working much better. Enjoy. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">07.26.06 -- Systems Temporarily Down</div>
<div class="text">We are currently offline as we upgrade our systems. Control Our Junk will soon be powered by Linux using a new high speed PHP script. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">07.06.06 -- Backyard Camera Offline</div>
<div class="text">We\'re currently working on a new camera mount system so the Backyard Camera will be offline during this time as we use it to build the new mount system. Check back soon, as the cameras for Control Our Junk will soon be fully controllable (pan/tilt). -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">06.23.06 -- Updates</div>
<div class="text">The contact information has been added to the about page. The pictures section has also been added with pictures of the Control Our Junk area. Learn how Control Our Junk works and see behind the scenes. That\'s all for now. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">06.21.06 -- Backyard Camera</div>
<div class="text">We brought a 3rd camera online today for a view of our backyard. There is currently rain on the window so it may look a little blurry. You can access the camera from the side navigation. This camera feed is broadcasting at a higher quality and at the 640x480 resolution so it should be a good view. Now you can see what the weather is like or what\'s going on in our backyard. The camera should be online 24/7. For an unknown reason this morning the COJ server was down. We believe it was due to thunderstorms and possibly brownouts, however, it\'s back online. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">06.19.06 -- Power Outage</div>
<div class="text">We had a short power outage during the night. This ended up knocking everything on Control Our Junk offline. We have connected the COJ server and the servo boards to a UPS so we should stay online the next power outage. We also did quite a bit of code modification on the back end today to clean up our code. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">06.15.06 -- Cameras Combined</div>
<div class="text">To make things even easier, both cameras have been combined onto the control page so there is no need for switching between cameras. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">06.14.06 -- New Control Page</div>
<div class="text">All of the controllers have been integrated into a single controller for ease of use. No longer will you have to switch between controllers to control different toys! Notice at the top you can switch between the main camera and the claw camera. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">05.09.06 -- New Layout</div>
<div class="text">Just brought a new layout online. Should be a bit simpler and looks nicer. More to come soon. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">04.11.06 -- Shop Online</div>
<div class="text">The new Control Our Junk shop is now open
at We currently have a white shirt, black shirt, hoodie, mousepad, hat, and a refrigerator
magnet available for order. Take pictures of yourself wearing our merchandise and we\'ll put your picture
up on the website! By buying our merchandise, you can help support Control Our Junk so we have money
for more cool projects and new ideas. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">04.09.06 -- Racecars Added</div>
<div class="text">The racecars are now added. Each car moves
for about 1 second. Challenge your friends to a race! Enjoy. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">04.04.06 -- Control Our Junk *Now New And Improved*</div>
<div class="text">It\'s 12:30 and Ben and me (Eric) are
worn out, but everything is done. The train is at least 4 times faster, the robotic claw is online,
the car moves faster, and the lights can be turned on or off. On top of that, everything is controlled
by an array of 16 servos which press a button each time you send a command. Enjoy everyone. We\'re off to sleep. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">04.03.06 -- You\'re in Luck</div>
<div class="text">We decided to work Monday on
Control Our Junk. Right now we\'re hooking everything up and making sure everything is working
properly. You can see the new control setup is now on the site. Everything should be online
and working sometime tonight. We\'ll post another message when everything is online. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">04.02.06 -- Preparing For The Switch</div>
<div class="text">This entire
weekend we\'ve been rebuilding how projects are controlled through Control Our Junk.
We are using a new serial port controller that can control 16 servos and we have a large
array of servos dedicated to pushing tactile switches which will control digital circuits.
We had to take apart the old servo controller so the train is currently offline. We ran out of time
before the projects got connected to the tactile switches, but by next weekend we should have the train
online, the R/C Car working better, the robot claw, and controllable lights. If we\'re lucky we\'ll also have
the 2nd train online, but it\'s taking forever for it to come back from repair. So make sure to check
out the site next weekend for the biggest upgrade yet. Another webcam view will also be added. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">03.04.06 -- Train Online :: R/C Car Fixed</div>
<div class="text">There
have been problems with controlling the R/C Car for the last couple
weeks. We have repaired the controller and the outer train is now
online. We are currently getting the secondary train engine repaired
and finishing the inside track. Soon, everything should be online and
controllable. After we finish with the inner train, we will work to get
a robotic claw online. Enjoy. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">01.29.06 -- Rebuild</div>
<div class="text">We\'ve
re-designed the project area and are currently building 2 trains, the
R/C Car, and a robotic claw into 1 enclosure covered by 1 webcam to
reduce needed bandwidth, increase quality, and increase frame rate.
Tonight we have the new R/C Car enclosure up and running and 1 of the 2
tracks built. We are still working on planning for the robotic claw. We
now have a plexiglass bottom which will allow for advertisers to get
content out on the COJ floor. We are going back to the classic car
controller until we have a chance to integrate all projects into 1
clean and slick control. The website links have changed a little bit as
well. Look forward to more soon. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">01.09.06 -- New Car Controller</div>
<div class="text">Thanks
to a partnership with Brett over at the Adakist Network, we now have a
new sleek looking controller for the R/C Car as well as a queue system.
Now 1 person will be able to drive the car at a time to save confusion,
but while someone is controlling, you can join the queue and wait for
your turn. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">01.06.06 -- Webcams getting Hammered</div>
<div class="text">Welcome
Digg users. You can find the article <a href=\'\'>here</a>.
A big influx of users has pushed our bandwidth to the max. The
webserver will be fine, but the actual webcams will be taking the
hardest hit. If you can\'t get the webcams to load, please try again
later. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will be working to get
everything running correctly again as fast as we can. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.24.05 -- New Video Section</div>
<div class="text">Video
section was just added. We will be recording clips of users controlling
projects, so look for us with a camera and make yourself look good on
camera! You might just be recorded and put on the site. Enjoy. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.22.05 -- Everything Back Online</div>
<div class="text">Everything
is back online and working well. Feel free to control the projects and
test them out. I (Eric) will still be downstairs cleaning up the huge
mess for a while, so if something goes wrong I\'ll be there to fix it. I
can also restack the cans if need be. The batteries on the R/C Car that
we have been charging are wearing out so the R/C Car will work much
better when we get new batteries soon. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.22.05 -- Rebuilding Time</div>
<div class="text">We\'re
currently in the middle of rebuilding the COJ area. Tune into the Train
Cam to see rebuilding progress. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.21.05 -- Projects Offline</div>
<div class="text">The
projects will be down until tomorrow morning/afternoon for server
upgrades and network relocation. I (Eric) will get on it first thing
when I get up. The webcams are still online, however, so if you\'re
bored, go ahead and watch the projects sit there motionless. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.18.05 -- New Webcams :: Dedicated Server</div>
<div class="text">We
got rid of the regular USB cameras we were using and got 3 DCS-900W
webcams. These webcams have a built in webserver and they are wireless
and don\'t require a computer. We\'ve got our dedicated server in
California working better now and we have switched back over to it. A
new script has been written to grab the images from the new webcams,
drop them on the dedicated server, and a new client side JavaScript
will display the images. There may be a few glitches as we are testing
this out, so bare with us. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.16.05 -- Airsoft Gun Alpha Testing</div>
<div class="text">We
are currently working on a hopper system for the airsoft gun, but we
have just added the ability to control tilt and rotation. The gun is
next to the train set on the floor so we don\'t need multiple webcams.
This is alpha testing because we do not have firing enabled and the gun
does not have it\'s own webcam yet. Have fun. -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.16.05 -- Projects Back Online</div>
<div class="text">Thanks
everyone for being patient. The train and the R/C car are back online
and fully functional. We bought a new high quality engine, cleaned the
track, made a bigger enclosure for the R/C car, and have a new server
built. Enjoy! -COJ Team</div>
<div class="header">12.15.05 -- New Layout :: Projects Offline</div>
<div class="text">Hello
everyone and welcome to the new clean and simple Control Our Junk
layout. All the code is W3C compliant and using CSS for all pages. I
hope this site is a bit easier to read and control the projects with.
All projects now have a status bar at the top of the page which will
alert you if the project is online or offline. This is controlled
through PHP, so if something goes offline, you\'ll know instantly. We
are currently working on getting the new server, the train, and the R/C
car back online so please be patient as we do so. Expect to see
everything fully functional by the weekend. Thanks for hanging in there
with us! -COJ Team</div>';
echo '<div align="right" class="text"><a href="?oldnews=y">(Older Posts)</a></div>';
<div class="rightbox"><div class="halfheader">COJ Statistics</div>
$fp = fsockopen('','443',$errno,$errstr,5);
if (!$fp)
echo '<div class="text">&nbsp;<img src="" alt="Time">&nbsp;Control Our Junk is currently <font color="red">offline. This is probably caused by an Internet or power outage.</font></div>';
echo '<div class="text">&nbsp;<img src="" alt="Time">&nbsp;Control Our Junk is currently <font color="green">online.</font></div>';
<div class="end"></div>
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