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<title>Feedercam -- Oxford, MI, USA Backyard Webcam</title>
<b>Feedercam -- Oxford, MI, USA Backyard Webcam</b><br />
[Live Cam Feed]<br />
<img src="grab.php" width="640" height="480" name="cam" alt="Feedercam Image" onload="InitRef()">
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
function Refresh() {
tmp = new Date();
tmp = "?"+tmp.getTime();
url = "grab.php";
document.images["cam"].src = url+tmp;
function InitRef() {
setTimeout("Refresh()", 100);
// -->
<br /><br /><b>Perhaps you would like to</b> <a href="motion/"><b>view the daily motion capture videos</b></a><b>?</b>
<br /><br />
<b>What is feedercam?</b><br />
Feedercam is a weatherproof, nightvision camera attached to our house located in Oxford, MI, USA. The camera operates 24/7 and is connected to a PC through the use of an IP Video Server. The PC is running <a href="">Debian Linux</a> and a <a href="">motion</a> daemon. Motion constantly monitors the webcam for any significant change in the image. Every time a frame is captured, it is appended to the end of an MPEG4 video file. The motion daemon is also configured to create a new video file daily at 12 Midnight. You can view the daily motion videos by clicking the link above. Thanks for visiting!
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