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Status Board


Here are the ideas behind the status board script:

  1. Self hosted and open source
  2. Simple and elegant code
  3. Modular and easy to add new status widgets

Current Widgets

  • Authentic Jobs
  • Google Analytics
  • GitHub commit log
  • GitHub issues
  • Pingdom
  • RSS
  • Stocks
  • Twitter
  • Weather

Widget Ideas

  • Basecamp
  • News Feeds
  • Bus / Train / Traffic status
  • Radio - Spotify, Grooveshark, etc. Would play based off api.
  • BitBucket API
  • Pancake Payments
  • Anything that you always want to look at during the day


Since the application is built on Laravel, a PHP framework, the requirements are PHP 5.3+ and a compatible web server.

Installation and Usage

Installation is very easy. Upload the files to your server and visit All of the default widgets should load. To manage widgets, edit application/config/widgets.php. The application also supports the creation of multiple boards. These are configured in application/config/boards.php and you'll need to register another route in application/routes.php.

Widgets are being transitioned into bundles, so the files in widgets/ and bundles/ will look similar if not the same. Only changes to the files in bundles/ will be reflected in the boards.

Remember, this is alpha code so use at your own risk.

Help Out

If you are interested in helping out let me know. The more help the better ;) I haven't figured the best route for project planning so if you have any ideas on the best way let me know. When I mentioned this idea over twitter I did get a lot of positive feedback so I feel this project is worth pursuing.

Also until I get everything planned consider subscribing to a newsletter. I am planning to use that so I can contact everyone to schedule a time and place for v1 planning.