A web scraping tool based on Capybara.
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A Capybara-based web scraping tool.  https://github.com/jnicklas/capybara

Capybara is a wonderful Ruby project created by Jonas Nicklas that offers a single DSL for automating 
interactions with web applications for integration tests. By providing a single DSL for a variety of web
drivers, Capybara allows for all sorts of awesomeness. Although it humbly thinks it is just a humble
integration testing framework, Capybara really provides a lingua franca that allows for driver independent
web tools.  Capybara lets a single scripting DSL drive a variety of drivers, including real browsers
(firefox, ie, chrome) via selenium/webdriver, direct http-level interaction via mechanize/rack, and 
simulated headless browsers (with javascript) via Akephalos and HTTP Unit, which makes Capybara make a 
flexible platform for building all sorts of web tools.

But enough about Capybara...  About me:  I provide a wrapper DSL for scraping web pages via Capybara scripts,
a system for extracting related data.

Scrapybara provides:

	- Page content extraction DSL
	- Pluggable Parameterization system (usernames, passwords)
	- Pluggable Data Outputters  
	- Error Recovery DSL for capybara navigations


  # https://gist.github.com/569530
  If you want to use the transaction/step capabilities within a rails project, run
     ./script/generate scrapeybara

To Do:
	- Pluggable Response Info Outputters (for easy debugging)
	- Pacing Options