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(ns joxa-eunit
(require erlang
;; This macro can be used at any time to check whether or not the code
;; is currently running directly under eunit. Note that it does not work
;; in secondary processes if they have been assigned a new group leader.
(defmacro+ under-eunit? ()
`(joxa-assert/matches {:current_function,{:eunit_proc,_,_}}
(erlang/process_info (erlang/group_leader)
(defmacro+ -test (expr)
` {($line-number) (fn () ~expr)})
(defmacro+ -assert (bool-expr)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-assert/assert ~bool-expr)))
(defmacro+ -assert-not (bool-expr)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-assert/assert (erlang/not ~bool-expr))))
(defmacro+ -assert-match (guard expr)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-assert/assert-match ~guard ~expr)))
(defmacro+ -assert-not-match (guard expr)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-assert/assert-not-match ~guard ~expr)))
(defmacro+ -assert-equal (expect expr)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-assert/assert-equal ~expect ~expr)))
(defmacro+ -assert-not-equal (unexpected expr)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-assert/assert-not-equal ~unexpected ~expr)))
(defmacro+ -assert-exception (class term expr)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-assert/assert-exception ~class ~term ~expr)))
(defmacro+ -assert-error (term expr)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-assert/assert-error ~term ~expr)))
(defmacro+ -assert-exit (term expr)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-assert/assert-exit ~term ~expr)))
(defmacro+ -assert-throw (term expr)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-assert/assert-throw ~term ~expr)))
;; Macros for running operating system commands. (Note that these
;; require EUnit to be present at runtime, or at least eunit_lib.)
(defn+ -cmd- (cmd)
(eunit_lib/command cmd))
(defmacro+ cmd-status (n cmd)
(let* (--out (joxa-core/gensym)
--n (joxa-core/gensym)
--new (joxa-core/gensym))
`(let* (~--n ~n)
(case (joxa-eunit/-cmd- ~cmd)
({~--n ~--out} ~--out)
({~--new _}
(erlang/error {:command_failed
[{:namespace ($namespace)}
{:line ($line-number)}
{:command (quote ~cmd)}
{:expected_status ~--n}
{:status ~--new}]}))))))
(defmacro+ -cmd-status (n cmd)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-eunit/cmd-status ~n ~cmd)))
(defmacro+ cmd (c)
`(joxa-eunit/cmd-status 0 ~c))
(defmacro+ -cmd (cmd)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-eunit/cmd ~cmd)))
(defmacro+ assert-cmd-status (n cmd)
(let* (--out (joxa-core/gensym)
--n (joxa-core/gensym)
--new (joxa-core/gensym))
`(let* (~--n ~n)
(case (joxa-eunit/-cmd- ~cmd)
({~--n ~--out} ~--out)
({~--new _}
(erlang/error {:assertCmd_failed
[{:namespace ($namespace)}
{:line ($line-number)}
{:command (quote ~cmd)}
{:expected_status ~--n}
{:status ~--new}]}))))))
(defmacro+ assert-cmd (cmd)
`(joxa-eunit/assert-cmd-status 0 ~cmd))
(defmacro+ assert-cmd-output (t cmd)
(let* (--new (joxa-core/gensym "--new"))
`(case (joxa-eunit/-cmd- ~cmd)
({_ ~t} :ok)
({_ ~--new}
(erlang/error {:assertCmdOutput_failed
[{:namespace ($namespace)},
{:line ($line-number)},
{:command (quote ~cmd)},
{:expected_output (quote ~t)},
{:output ~--new}]})))))
(defmacro+ -assert-cwd-status (n cmd)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-eunit/assert-cmd-status ~n ~cmd)))
(defmacro+ -assert-cmd (cmd)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-eunit/assert-cmd cmd)))
(defmacro+ -assert-cmd-output (t cmd)
`(joxa-eunit/-test (joxa-eunit/assert-cmd-output ~t ~cmd)))
;; Macros to simplify debugging. (n particular, they work even when the
;; standard output is being redirected by EUnit while running tests)
(defmacro+ debug-msg (s)
`(io/fwrite :user <<"~s:~w:~w: ~s\n">>
[($file-name) ($line-number) (erlang/self) ~s]))
(defmacro+ debug-here ()
`(joxa-eunit/debug-msg "<-"))
(defmacro+ debug-fmt (s as)
`(joxa-eunit/debug-msg (io_lib/format ~s ~as)))
(defmacro+ debug-val (e)
(joxa-eunit/debug-fmt <<"~s = ~P">> [(quote ~e) ~e 15])
(defmacro+ debug-time (s e)
(let* (--t0 (joxa-core/gensym)
--t1 (joxa-core/gensym)
--v (joxa-core/gensym))
({~--t0 _} (erlang/statistics :wall_clock)
~--v ~e
{~--t1 _} (erlang/statistics :wall_clock))
(joxa-eunit/debug-fmt <<"~s: ~.3f s">>, [~s, (erlang/:'/'
(erlang/- ~--t1 ~--t0)
(defmacro+ testable ()
`(defn+ test ()
(eunit/test ($namespace))))
(defn+ test (namespace-name)
(eunit/test namespace-name))
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