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;;; Utility Support for GenServers
;;; ==============================
;;; * author: Eric Merritt
;;; * copyright: Erlware, LLC 2012
(ns joxa-otp-gen-server
(require (erlang :joxify)
(lists :joxify)
(gen_server :joxify))
(use (joxa-core :only (if/3
(joxa-lists :only (map/2))
(erlang :only (and/2
(defmacro+ worker-start-link (&rest args)
"Create the start link for a un-named worker gen-server "
`(do (defn+ start-link ~args
(gen-server/start-link ($namespace) [~@args] []))
(defn+ start_link ~args
(start-link ~@args))))
(defmacro+ local-server-start-link (&rest args)
"Create the start link for a named local server gen-server "
`(do (defn+ start-link ~args
(gen-server/start-link {:local ($namespace)} ($namespace) [~@args] []))
(defn+ start_link ~args
(start-link ~@args))))
(defn generate-call-to-alternate (main-name alternate-name arity)
"Given an alternate name that exists in the module generate the
main-name as a pass through call to alternate. We expect the compiler
inliner to take care of the inefficiencies"
(let* (args (map (_ (lists/seq 1 arity))
(joxa-core/gensym (erlang/atom-to-list ($namespace)))))
`(defn+ ~main-name ~args
(~alternate-name ~@args))))
(defn generate-error-call (main-name arity)
"For a call that is truly implemented on the client side generate an
implementation that throws an error when the function is called."
(let* (args (map (_ (lists/seq 1 arity))
(joxa-core/gensym (erlang/atom-to-list ($namespace)))))
`(defn+ ~main-name ~args
(erlang/error {:not-implemented (quote ~main-name) ~args}))))
(defn generate-if-missing (main-name alternate-name arity exports)
(if (and (lists/member {alternate-name arity} exports)
(not (lists/member {main-name arity} exports)))
(generate-call-to-alternate main-name alternate-name arity)
(if (and (not (lists/member {main-name arity} exports))
(not (lists/member {alternate-name arity} exports)))
(generate-error-call main-name arity)
(defmacro+ implement-missing (namespace)
(let* (exports ((erlang/make-fun namespace :module_info 1) :exports))
`(do ~@(map ({main alternate arity} '({init init 1}
{handle_call handle-call 3}
{handle_cast handle-cast 2}
{handle_info handle-info 2}
{terminate terminate 2}
{code_change code-change 3}))
(generate-if-missing main alternate arity exports)))))
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