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;;; -*- mode: Joxa; fill-column: 80; comment-column: 75; -*-
;;; author Joe Armstrong
;;; author Eric Merritt
;;; This is a pretty simple topological sort for erlang. It
;;; was originally written for ermake by Joe Armstrong back in '98.
;;; -type([{X, X}]) -> {ok, [{X,Y}]} | {cycle, [{X,Y}]}
;;; topological_sort:pairs(L)
;;; A partial order on the set S is a set of pairs {Xi,Xj} such that
;;; some relation between Xi and Xj is obeyed.
;;; A topological sort of a partial order is a sequence of elements
;;; [X1, X2, X3 ...] such that if whenever {Xi, Xj} is in the partial
;;; order i < j
(ns joxa-sort-topo
(require joxa-eunit
(use (joxa-lists :only (map/2))
(joxa-core :only (if/3 let/2))
(erlang :only (not/1))))
(defn lhs (l)
(map ({x _} l)
(defn rhs (l)
(map ({_ y} l)
(defn all (l)
(lists/append (lhs l) (rhs l)))
(defn subtract (l1 l2)
"all the elements in L1 which are not in L2"
(lists/filter (fn (x)
(not (lists/member x l2))) l1))
(defn remove-duplicates (pairs)
"remove dups from the list."
(case pairs
([] [])
((h . t)
(if (lists/member h t)
(remove-duplicates t)
(h . (remove-duplicates t))))))
(defn remove-pairs (l1 l2)
"removes all pairs from L2 where the first element
of each pair is a member of L1
L2' L1 = [X] L2 = [{X,Y}]."
(lists/filter (fn (val)
(let ({x, _y} val)
(not (lists/member x l1)))) l2))
(defn iterate (pairs l all)
(case pairs
{:ok (remove-duplicates (lists/append l (subtract all l)))})
(case (subtract (lhs pairs) (rhs pairs))
{:cycle pairs})
(iterate (remove-pairs lhs pairs) (lists/append l lhs) all))))))
(defn+ sort (pairs)
"Do a topological sort on the list of pairs."
(iterate pairs [] (all pairs)))
;; Tests
;; -----
(defn+ topo-1_test ()
(let (pairs [{1 2} {2 4} {4 6} {2 10} {4 8} {6 3} {1 3}
{3 5} {5 8} {7 5} {7 9} {9 4} {9 10}])
(joxa-assert/assert-match {:ok [1 7 2 9 4 6 3 5 8 10]}
(sort pairs))))
(defn+ topo-2_test ()
(let (pairs [{:app2 :app1} {:zapp1 :app1} {:stdlib :app1}
{:app3 :app2} {:kernel :app1} {:kernel :app3}
{:app2 :zapp1} {:app3 :zapp1} {:zapp2 :zapp1}])
(joxa-assert/assert-match {:ok [:stdlib :kernel :zapp2
:app3 :app2 :zapp1 :app1]}
(sort pairs))))
(defn+ topo-3_test ()
(let (pairs [{:app2 :app1} {:app1 :app2} {:stdlib :app1}])
(joxa-assert/assert-match {:cycle [{:app2 :app1} {:app1 :app2}]}
(sort pairs))))
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