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change chmod 777 to a+x fixes joxa/joxa#16

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1 parent afc7aeb commit 32a753d559167b262f03f42c681900e1a6257923 @ericbmerritt committed
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  1. +1 −1 build-support/core-build.mkf
2 build-support/core-build.mkf
@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ bare-escript: $(ESCRIPT_DIR)/.d $(ESCRIPT_TMP)/.d
cd $(ESCRIPT_TMP); zip -r joxa.ez *; \
$(ERL) $(ERLFLAGS) -eval "escript:create(\"joxa\", [shebang, {emu_args, []}, {archive, \"./joxa.ez\"}])" -s init stop
- chmod 777 $(ESCRIPT_TMP)/joxa
+ chmod a+x $(ESCRIPT_TMP)/joxa
rm -rf $(ESCRIPT_TMP)

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