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What is Sinan

Sinan is a build tool designed to build Erlang/OTP Projects, Releases and Applications. Sinan leverages the metadata artifacts provided by OTP to do a good job building, testing, releasing, etc with very little or no additional input from the developer.

Quick Start

To get started just cd into an OTP Application and type

sinan build

This will give you an fully built OTP application under the _build directory. You can then run the command

sinan shell

to get an erlang shell with all the paths pointing correctly to the various parts of your system.

If you want to get adventurous you can run all the eunit tests in your app by running:

sinan test

and finially, if you want to package up a normal erlang release tarball you can run

sinan dist

The tarball will end up in


To get a list of all tasks currently available run the command

sinan help

Hopefully thats enough to get you started, but sinan has many options to do various things with projects from small single app projects to very large multiple app projects. To get more information take a look at the sinan manual.

More Information

Sinan has extensive further documentation in its wiki on github. Check there for more information.

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