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CloudFoundry Tomcat 7

A modified version of Tomcat v7.0.29 to run on CloudFoundry, as a standalone app, until Tomcat7 is available as a runtime.

Bascially, this is just what is described here all done for you.


As a script

If you're working with Maven, read on. Else, just

$git clone
$cd cloudfoundry-tomcat-7
<Replace webapps/ROOT with your own app>
$vmc push


A tar.gz package of the contents of this repository is being served from here making appear as a Maven repository. You can have your project download this package and put your web application in it thanks to the Maven assembly project. Just do the following (maybe using a dedicated Maven profile if you wish):

  1. Add as a Maven repository, either through your repo manager of choice or in your pom.xml:

  2. Add the following dependency. Use scope provided if you're not using a dedicated profile:

  3. Add the following assembly descriptor file in src/assembly/tomcat7.xml

    <?xml version="1.0"?>  
  4. Configure the assembly plugin to use the file added above:


Now, when you build your project, you'll get a tomcat 7 distribution already enabled for CloudFoundry with your app set up as webapps/ROOT ready to go. You just have to vmc push --path target/tomcat7