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The idea.

Create an open source resource/courses/program that people can run in their local area to educate/grow/upgrade technology cofounders, to increase their chances of success in their role as a technology cofounder and grow into a full CTO role.

The Why.

There are many, many programs that support the business/leader/ceo co-founder but few I know to support technology co-founders. Here is the blog post where I explored the concept and here was the blog post calling for help


To help technology co-founders avoid mistakes, learn from others experience and build the quality product

Target audience Technology co-founder of a startup (Startup levels) with the intention of building a fast prototype to prove the concept.


To stay platform/technology agnostic


I will start with a level one startup and build through the others

Time for you to help

I am looking for all your advice, feedback, suggestions and experience. Please share and help us make this a really cool package. Please share this wiki with everyone who might care.

Now go to this Level 1 program and share what you think we add to the first program

Feeling a bit shy? why not add to technologists you admire to our technologists to interview or tell us about good resources e.g. blog posts that have already helped you. Or just simply add questions you want to know the answer to here