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#lang racket/base
;; Screen size
(define WIDTH 1000)
(define HEIGHT 600)
;; A point in 3D space and a direction
(struct point (x y z) #:transparent)
(struct direction (inclination azimuth) #:transparent)
;; -----------------------------------------------------------
;; Translation to screen x and y co-ords
(define (screen-x p) (+ (/ (point-x p) (point-z p)) (/ WIDTH 2)))
(define (screen-y p) (+ (/ (point-y p) (point-z p)) (/ HEIGHT 2)))
(define (screen-size size p)
;; How big does s appear at pos p?
;; TODO: this should take into account distances x, y and z
(if (> (point-z p) 0)
(/ size (point-z p))
(define (point-distance p1 p2)
(let ([dx (- (point-x p1) (point-x p2))]
[dy (- (point-y p1) (point-y p2))]
[dz (- (point-z p1) (point-z p2))])
(sqrt (+ (* dx dx) (* dy dy) (* dz dz)))))
;; -----------------------------------------------------------
(define (move-point p dir dist)
;; Return new xyz by moving a distance in a direction
;; x= r * sin azimuth * cos inclination
;; y= r * sin azimuth * sin inclination
;; z= r * cos azimuth
(define inc (direction-inclination dir))
(define az (direction-azimuth dir))
(define dx (* dist (sin az) (cos inc)))
(define dy (* dist (sin az) (sin inc)))
(define dz (* dist (cos az)))
(point (+ (point-x p) dx)
(+ (point-y p) dy)
(+ (point-z p) dz)))
(define (add-points point1 point2)
(point (+ (point-x point1) (point-x point2))
(+ (point-y point1) (point-y point2))
(+ (point-z point1) (point-z point2))))
(define (change-direction dir dir2)
(direction (+ (direction-inclination dir) (direction-inclination dir2))
(+ (direction-azimuth dir) (direction-azimuth dir2))))
;; -----------------------------------------------------------
screen-x screen-y screen-size
move-point add-points change-direction
(struct-out point)
(struct-out direction))
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