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#lang racket
;; Version 2, in 3D
;; Version 3, now with aliens!
;; Version 4, with shooting aliens
;; Version 5, with more interesting paths for aliens
;; Version 6, with speed control
;; What next?
;; Score . more interesting paths for aliens
;; Missiles, visible shooting
;; Move the spaceship around
(require 2htdp/universe 2htdp/image)
(require "util.rkt")
(require "3d.rkt")
(require unstable/debug)
;; - to + of this value for new stars
(define MAX-STAR-XY 25000)
(define MAX-STARS 100)
(define MAX-ALIENS 10)
(define ALIEN-SIZE 150)
(define TICK-RATE 1/50)
(define START-Z 100)
;; User controllable speed
(define speed 0.1)
(define MAX-SPEED 2.9)
(define (random-star-xy) (- (random MAX-STAR-XY) (/ MAX-STAR-XY 2)))
(define (random-angle) (* (random) 2 pi))
;; -----------------------------------------------------------
;; The world and init
(struct starfield (stars aliens) #:transparent)
(struct astar (pos) #:transparent)
(struct alien (pos direction dirchange speed colour) #:transparent)
(define (start-space)
(big-bang (init-world)
(on-tick fly TICK-RATE)
(on-mouse mouse-event)
(on-key key-event)
(to-draw render-space)
(stop-when end-flight)))
(define (init-world)
(starfield (times-repeat MAX-STARS (new-star))
(times-repeat MAX-ALIENS (new-alien))))
;; -----------------------------------------------------------
;; Stars and Aliens
(define (new-star)
(astar (point (random-star-xy)
(+ (random START-Z) 10))))
(define (move-star s)
(define p (astar-pos s))
(astar (point (point-x p) (point-y p) (- (point-z p) speed))))
(define (stars-in-view stars)
(define (replace-star s)
(if (star-out-of-view? s) (new-star) s))
(map replace-star stars))
(define (star-out-of-view? s)
(<= (point-z (astar-pos s)) 1)
(> (point-z (astar-pos s)) 200)))
;; ...........................................................
(define (new-alien)
(define path (random-choice '(one two)))
;; direction is: inclination, azimuth
;; azimuth - 1.570 (pi/2) is left or right, no forward/backwards
(define adirection
(cond [(eq? path 'one) (direction 0 1.575)]
[(eq? path 'two) (direction 1.575 1.571)]
;; Change in direction angles: inclination, azimuth
(define achdirection
(cond [(eq? path 'one) (direction (random-sign (/ (random) 10)) 0)]
[(eq? path 'two) (direction (random-sign 0.09) 0.0002)]
(define speed (+ 15 (random 15)))
(point 0 0 50) adirection achdirection speed
(color (random-range 100 255)
(random-range 100 255)
(random-range 100 255))))
(define (move-alien a)
(alien (add-points (move-point (alien-pos a) (alien-direction a) (alien-speed a))
(point 0 0 (- 0 speed)))
(change-direction (alien-direction a) (alien-dirchange a))
(alien-dirchange a)
(alien-speed a)
(alien-colour a)))
(define (aliens-in-view aliens)
;; Replace any aliens out of view with new ones
(define (replace-alien s)
(if (alien-out-of-view? s) (new-alien) s))
(map replace-alien aliens))
(define (alien-out-of-view? s)
(or (<= (point-z (alien-pos s)) 1)
(> (point-z (alien-pos s)) 100)))
(define (fly w)
(starfield (map move-star (stars-in-view (starfield-stars w)))
(map move-alien (aliens-in-view (starfield-aliens w)))))
;; -----------------------------------------------------------
;; Input events
(define (mouse-event w x y event)
(define (kill-alien a)
;; If mouse pos x,y is inside the shape of the alien
;; then kill it, replacing it with a new one, otherwise leave it as it
(define pos (alien-pos a))
(define size (screen-size ALIEN-SIZE pos))
(if (and (>= x (- (screen-x pos) size))
(<= x (+ (screen-x pos) size))
(>= y (- (screen-y pos) size))
(<= y (+ (screen-y pos) size)))
(new-alien) a))
(cond [(eq? event "button-down")
(starfield (starfield-stars w)
(map kill-alien (starfield-aliens w)))]
[else w]))
(define (key-event w akey)
[(key=? akey "up") (set! speed (min (+ speed 0.1) MAX-SPEED))]
[(key=? akey "down") (set! speed (max (- speed 0.1) (- 0 MAX-SPEED)))])
;; -----------------------------------------------------------
;; Rendering space, stars and aliens
(define (render-space w)
(aliens+scene (starfield-aliens w)
(stars+scene (starfield-stars w)
(empty-scene WIDTH HEIGHT "black"))))
(define (stars+scene stars scene)
;; Place the stars on the scene
(foldl (λ (s scene)
(place-image (circle (star-size s) "solid" (star-colour s))
(screen-x (astar-pos s))
(screen-y (astar-pos s))
scene stars))
(define (star-size s)
(define z (round (point-z (astar-pos s))))
(cond [(> z 75) 1]
[else (+ 1 (/ (- 75 z) 20)) ]))
(define (star-colour s)
(define z (round (point-z (astar-pos s))))
(cond [(> z 90) (color 255 255 255 20)]
(define alph (min (+ 20 (* 2 (- 90 z)))
(color 255 255 255 alph)]))
(define (aliens+scene aliens scene)
;; Place the aliens on the scene
(foldl (λ (a scene)
(place-image (alien-image a)
(screen-x (alien-pos a))
(screen-y (alien-pos a))
;; Do the closest aliens last
(sort aliens > #:key (λ (a) (point-z (alien-pos a))))))
(define (alien-image a)
(radial-star 12 (screen-size ALIEN-SIZE (alien-pos a))
(screen-size (* ALIEN-SIZE 0.5) (alien-pos a))
"solid" (alien-colour a)))
;; -----------------------------------------------------------
(define (end-flight w)
;; No end!
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