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De-Pagify v2.0 (Infinite Scroll)

De-pagify let's you easily enable endless scroll for paged sites such as fmylife, digg, failblog to enable functionality similar to Bing image search on any site that has a More », Next » or similar link.

The latest code & documentation will always be available at, but is also available at

Infinite Scroll Demo


Typical usage will follow the pattern:

jQuery(container).depagify(trigger, options);
  • container: Container for content on the remote page and where it will be placed on the local page.

  • trigger: Link to "click" for the next page's content


  • find: (defaults to *) Selector or function to filter remote content

  • threshold: (defaults to 0.90) Float, integer, string or function to determine when to load remote content. The default is 0.90, which is 90%. You can use 167, for example, to load content when the user scrolls within 167px of the bottom of the page. Also, you can specify a selector (such as #footer) to load content when the #footer element scrolls into view. Finally, you can write your own function that returns true whenever you'd like load the next page's content.

  • effect: (defaults to $(this).show()) Function to transition newly loaded content. (New content is wrapped by $('<div />).hide())

  • events: request & success events are triggered before and after the GET request.



If you can help in any way, please fork this project or provide feedback.

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