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An SVG timeline thing in react.
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SVG Timeline built in react. For showing dates on a line.

Takes a simple set of data like this:

const dates = [
    date: '2013-06-16',
    name: 'Referral date'
    date: '2015-02-16',
    name: 'Some rando date'
    date: '2015-02-16',
    name: 'Another thing'
    date: '2015-10-01',
    name: 'Current shipping date'

/* … inside a react component's render render() … */

<TimelineComponent data={ dates }/>

Looks like this:

image of timeline component in browser

The name of the event(s) show up when you hover over the dots.


I needed it. Couldn't find anything else like it. Didn't really publish something open source in a long time.


npm run dev



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