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📋 List of resources to learn this amazing platform for building top-quality web apps with JavaScript! ❤
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List of resources to learning this amazing platform for building top-quality web apps with JavaScript! ❤

Meteor's site

Table of Contents

This list was inspired by this and this!

How to Collaborate

Send a pull request or just open an issue to send more useful links! After it, I'll update the list!

Articles & Tutorials

Link Published/Updated Date
The official Meteor guide (1.6) Updated consistently
Meteor.js - The Perfect Match For Lean Startups 2014/17/01
Why web beginners should start with Meteor 2013/12/13
Learn Meteor Fundamentals and Best Practices 2012/7/25
Introduction to Realtime Web with Meteor and Node.js 2012/08/02
Building a customized accounts ui for Meteor 2013/01/29
Using d3 and Meteor to generate scalable vector graphics (SVG) 2013/01/21
Using Meteor’s Rendered Callback 2013/03/07
Meteor’s Reactive Data Sources 2013/04/19
Entering the Atmosphere with Meteor.js 2013/04/05
Meteor.js Iron Router Filters, Before and After Hooks 2014/02/03
Why Is My Meteor App Not Updating Reactively? 2013/11/14
Meteor is F***ing Awesome 2014/01/18
The Wonderful Duo — Using Meteor and AngularJS Together 2014/02/25
Why Meteor will kill Ruby on Rails 2013/10/29
How Meteor.js Made Me a God 2014/02/05
Building an MVP - 2014/05/06
Writing your first Meteor application 2013/07/17
Building an RSS Reader With Meteor 2013/06/27
Meteor.js in Action: Create an App, Test With Laika 2014/01/29
What's This Meteor Thing? 2012/06/08
Meteor for Front-End Engineers 2013/09/11
Confessions of a Meteor Newb 2012/04/23
9 ways that Meteor JS raises expectations 2013/06/03
Building An App In 45 Minutes With Meteor 2013/06/13
Add routing to Meteor JS 2013/07/20
Meteor and SEO 2014/01/19
Why the future of the web is real-time (6 months w/ Meteor) 2013/03/12
Instant web applications with Meteor 2015/05/27
Going all in with Meteor.JS 2014/03/28
Iron Router: First Steps 2014/05/08
Set Up Navigation With Iron Router and Bootstrap 2014/05/09
Learn Meteor.js Properly 2014/10/09
Everything You Need To Know About Async & Meteor 2014/10/26
Bullet-proof Meteor applications with Velocity, Unit Testing, Integration Testing and Jasmine 2014/10/16
How to test your angular application within meteor 2015/05/11
Why Front-End Developers should try to learn Meteor 2015/06/03
How to create a blog in Meteor (NOT for complete beginners!) 2015/03/04
Things I wish someone had told me when I first started learning Meteor.js 2014/03/12
Meteor Capture (many articles) Latest: 2016/02/23
Build Slack clone with Meteor 2015/05/11
Getting started with Meteor.js 2015/01/22
What is Meteor? 2014/12/18
Meteor Accounts based on sId package 2015/10/05
How do I host multiple Meteor apps on one DigitalOcean Droplet 2016/03/18
React with Webpack + Meteor as a backend 2016/05/19
Live Chat App Using Meteor and the DDP Protocol 2016/06/08
Get Started with Meteor by Building a Chat App 2017/01/18
Meteor 1.3 With ReactJS 2017/01/18
Meteor 1.5 and React Loadable 2017/03/14


Link Published/Updated Date
Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor 2015/01
Discover Meteor 2016/05/31
Getting Started with Meteor.js JavaScript Framework 2012/01
Instant Meteor JavaScript Framework Starter 2013/04
Mastering MeteorJS Application Development 2015/12
Meteor Cookbook 2015/05
Meteor Explained 2015/10/30
Meteor in Action 2015/09
Meteor + React Unknown
Meteor Tutorial Unknown
The Meteor Testing Manual Unknown
Your First Meteor Application 2014/07/30
Learn Meteor - Be ready for coding away next week using Meteor 2017/09/11
Building Applications with Meteor 2017/05

Books in Other Languages

Link Published/Updated Date
Discover Meteor - Multilingual Language dependent
pt-br | Meteor: Criando aplicações web real-time com JavaScript 2014/03/07

Built with Meteor

  1. Made With - a list of applications built with meteor
  2. antichess - a chess variant in which the objective of each player is to lose all of his pieces
  3. Cleanio - Laundry and dry cleaning on demand
  4. CodersTV - Watch programming videos or broadcast your coder skills with the world
  5. Illustreets – England’s best places to live
  6. Liquid - Collect, share, and analyze data
  7. MathFights – Test Your Math Skills In Real-Time Battles
  8. Meeting Hero - Realtime collaborative meeting agenda and minutes, connects to your Google Calendar.
  9. MixMax - Apps for Gmail
  10. Mmmelon - Collaborative project and document management
  11. Movienr - social way of discovering movies while engaging with fellow movie addicts
  12. Pantheon by MIT – Mapping Historical Cultural Production
  13. Pintask – Task tracker with Kanban board, free for life + Custom extensions
  14. RalphChat – Web-based and iOS/Android Chat
  15. Reaction – Change the way you think about commerce
  16. Respondly - Team Inbox for Email & Twitter
  17. sChat - Open Source Live Chat App
  18. Sedimently - Knowledge base for startups without wikicomplications
  19. Teamput - Simple and uniquely effective sticky-note app that gives every team member a voice in idea generation.
  20. Telescope - a social news platform
  21. Verso – The future of classrooms powered by Meteor & Phonegap
  22. DataForce - the cloud software analytics that helps you to produce insights, so you can focus on what matters to you.
  23. Presenteract - MeteorJS Application to create and run interactive presentations
  24. Rocket.Chat - The Complete Open Source Chat Solution
  25. Classcraft - Turn Class into an Adventure
  26. KeplerJs - a Geosocial Network Platform


  1. Meteor Forum
  2. Meteor on Twitter
  3. Learn Meteor Properly - Facebook Group
  4. Meteor.js Club - A growing community of Meteor fans


  1. Single Page Web Apps with Meteor
  2. Meteor.js Fundamentals for Single Page Applications
  3. Build a Multi-Player Card Game With Meteor
  4. BulletProof Meteor - Build fast and efficient Meteor app
  5. Meteor For Everyone by LevelUpTuts
  6. Intermediate Meteor by LevelUpTuts
  7. Meteor & React by LevelUpTuts
  8. Mastering Meteor.js - Over 8 hours of video showing you how to build a real-time twitter clone!
  9. Introduction to Meteor.js Development
  10. Build Pinterest with Meteor
  11. Meteor and React for Realtime Apps by Stephen Grider

Learn with Code

  1. BrowPie - shows visitor stats as Browser charts
  2. – an open education platform
  3. Hast - an on-the-fly presentation for everyone
  4. Meteor source code!
  5. Meteor URL Shortener - Open-source URL shortening app with several good practices in place
  6. meteor-boilerplate
  7. Reaction - full e-commerce solution
  8. Repeeet - making repet tweeting super simple
  9. sChat - Open Source Live Chat App
  10. Telescope - a hacker-news clone built entirely on Meteor
  11. Weworkmeteor - a Meteor Job Board and Expert Directory
  12. meteor-react-example - Skeletal example showing how to integrate Meteor and React


  1. - Meteor News
  2. Meteor Weekly


  1. The Crater Podcast - A weekly podcast about Meteor, React, Node, and Angular news
  2. Meteor Interviews
  3. Discover Meteor Podcast
  4. Meteor Club Podcast


  1. Diving into Meteor.JS
  2. Evented Mind
  3. How to Debug a Meteor.js Application
  4. Meteor - Chat Room Tutorial
  5. Meteor 101
  6. Meteor basics
  7. Meteor's site Screencast
  8. Meteor Club Apprentice Series


  1. Intro to Meteor
  2. Meteor before impact!
  3. Getting Started with MeteorJS
  4. Code Dojo 23: Meteor Hack
  5. From Meteor To Maker
  6. Meteor - A better way to build apps
  7. Meteor - like Django, had it been written today
  8. Meteor
  9. Real-Time Web Apps Using MongoDB and Meteor


  1. Meteor Youtube Channel
  2. Emily Stark: Meteor - A Full Stack Framework For Building Pure JavaScript Apps - JSConf.Asia 2013
  3. MongoDB in the Browser and Realtime Application Design with Meteor.js
  4. Meteor.js with Matt Debergalis
  5. MeteorJS Tutorial - part 1 - part 2 - part 3
  6. Creating a Blog with Meteor.js - part 1
  7. Radically faster web development -- Meteor after one year
  8. meteor.js by Roger Zurawicki
  9. TakeOff 2013 - Meteor.JS - Geoff Schmidt
  10. Meteor for Mobile
  11. Talks given by Josh Owens about Meteor.js
  12. Hacking Meteor - A talk about Meteor security

More Useful Links

  1. Best Learning Resources for Meteor.js
  2. Meteor's new $11.2 million development budget
  3. The Reactive Manifesto
  4. Meteor's Documentation
  5. Unofficial Meteor FAQ
  6. Meteorite - a Meteor version manager and package manager
  7. Atmosphere - Explore Meteor Packages
  8. Meteor on StackOverflow
  9. Top Resources for learning MeteorJS - Hackpad
  10. Meteor security resources
  11. meteor-phonegap
  12. MongoDB Manual
  13. Meteor Cookbook
  14. We Work Meteor - job board and community space for users of the Meteor
  15. Discovering Meteor Blog
  16. Meteor Resources: Learning and Everyday
  17. Laika - testing framework for Meteor
  18. RTD - The Meteor Test Runner
  19. Blog posts by Josh Owens
  20. The Meteor Chef
  21. Meteor Toys Development Tools
  22. Meteor Candy Admin Tool
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