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Pluralsight - Web Engineering

Table of Contents

FrontEnd Development


Number Course Annotations Difficulty
01 Introduction to Web Development Beginner
02 Front End Web Development: Get Started Beginner
03 Front-End Web Development Quick Start With HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript Beginner
04 Practical HTML5 Beginner
05 HTML Fundamentals Beginner
06 HTML5 Fundamentals Beginner
07 HTML5 Web Component Fundamentals Beginner
08 Up and Running with SVG Intermediate
09 SVG Fundamentals Intermediate
10 WebRTC Fundamentals Intermediate
11 HTML5 Web Storage, IndexedDB and File System Intermediate
12 Introduction to the Web Audio API Intermediate
13 HTML5 Canvas Fundamentals Intermediate
14 HTML Forms Intermediate
15 Play by Play: Lea Verou Advanced


Number Course Annotations Difficulty
01 Introduction to CSS Beginner
02 CSS3 Beginner
03 CSS 3 From Scratch Beginner
04 CSS Positioning Beginner
05 Creating Elegant Navigation Using CSS3 Transitions Beginner
06 Responsive Typography Beginner
07 CSS3 In-Depth Intermediate
08 Responsive Web Design Intermediate
09 Mobile First Responsive Web Design Intermediate
10 Creating Responsive Landing Pages in Photoshop and CSS Advanced


Number Course Annotations Difficulty
01 Learning To Program - Part 1: Getting Started Beginner
02 JavaScript From Scratch Beginner
03 Structuring JavaScript Code Intermediate
04 JavaScript Design Patterns Intermediate
05 JavaScript Fundamentals for ES6 Intermediate
09 JS.Next: ES6 Intermediate
06 Testing Clientside JavaScript Intermediate
07 Creating JavaScript Modules with Browserify Intermediate
08 JavaScript Build Automation With Gulp.js Intermediate
10 jQuery-free JavaScript Intermediate
11 Advanced JavaScript Intermediate
12 JavaScript the Good Parts Intermediate
13 Front-End First: Testing and Prototyping JavaScript Apps Intermediate
14 Large Scale JavaScript on Client and Server Intermediate
15 Fixing Common JavaScript Bugs Intermediate
16 Underscore.js Fundamentals Intermediate
17 RequireJS: JavaScript Dependency Injection and Module Loading Intermediate
18 Introduction to JavaScript & jQuery Intermediate
19 Advanced Techniques in JavaScript and jQuery Intermediate
20 Choosing a JavaScript Framework Intermediate
21 D3.js Data Visualization Fundamentals Intermediate
22 Hardcore Functional Programming in JavaScript Advanced


Number Course Annotations Difficulty
01 AngularJS: Get Started Beginner
02 AngularJS Patterns: Clean Code Beginner
03 Testing AngularJS From Scratch Beginner
04 Introduction to Protractor Beginner
05 AngularUI Fundamentals Beginner
06 Play by Play: Angular Testing with John Papa and Ward Bell Beginner
07 Creating Apps With Angular, Node, and Token Authentication Intermediate
08 AngularJS Directives Fundamentals Intermediate
09 AngularJS Services In-depth Intermediate
10 Animating AngularJS Applications Intermediate
11 AngularJS Security Fundamentals Intermediate
12 AngularJS Line of Business Applications Intermediate
13 An AngularJS Playbook Intermediate
14 Building Mobile Apps With the Ionic Framework and AngularJS Intermediate
15 Building a SPA Framework Using AngularJS Advanced


Number Course Annotations Difficulty
01 React Fundamentals Intermediate
02 React.js: Getting Started Beginner
03 Build iOS Apps with React Native Intermediate

BackEnd Development


Number Course Annotations Difficulty
01 Real-Time Web with Node.js Intermediate
02 Node Application Patterns Intermediate
03 Node.js Testing Strategies Intermediate
04 RESTful Web Services with Node.js and Express Intermediate
05 Building Web Apps With Node.js Intermediate
06 Building Web Applications with hapi Intermediate
07 Unit Testing with Node.js Intermediate
08 Two Tier Enterprise App and API Development with Angular & Sails Intermediate
09 Introduction to Koa Javascript Intermediate

Software Engineering

Number Course Annotations Difficulty
01 Clean Code: Writing Code for Humans Intermediate
02 Refactoring Fundamentals Intermediate
03 Software Engineering Essentials Intermediate
04 Software Process Management Intermediate
05 Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals Intermediate
06 Agile Fundamentals Intermediate
07 Encapsulation and SOLID Intermediate
08 SOLID Principles of Object Oriented Design Intermediate
09 Coding Dojo: Test Driven Development Intermediate
10 Developing Extensible Software Intermediate
11 Introduction to UML Intermediate
12 Provable Code Intermediate


Number Course Annotations Difficulty
01 TDD as a Design Tool Intermediate
02 Improving Testability Through Design Intermediate
03 Automated Web Testing with Selenium Intermediate
04 Automated Testing: End to End Intermediate
05 Code Testability Intermediate
06 Creating an Automated Testing Framework With Selenium Intermediate

DataBase Administration

Number Course Annotations Difficulty
01 Understanding NoSQL Beginner
02 Introduction to MongoDB Intermediate
03 Introduction to Mongoose for Node.js and MongoDB Intermediate
04 MongoDB Administration Intermediate
05 Big Data & Reporting with MongoDB Intermediate
06 RethinkDB Fundamentals Intermediate
07 Relational Database Design Intermediate
08 PostgreSQL: Getting Started Beginner
09 MySQL Fundamentals Intermediate
10 phpMyAdmin Fundamentals Intermediate
11 MySQL Backup and Recovery Fundamentals Intermediate
12 MySQL Indexing for Performance Intermediate
13 MySQL Workbench Guided Tour Intermediate
14 Introduction to Graph Databases and Neo4j Beginner
15 RethinkDB Fundamentals Beginner


Number Course Annotations Difficulty
01 DevOps: The Big Picture Beginner
02 Continuous Integration and Deployment for AngularJS and Node.js Intermediate
03 Patterns of Cloud Integration Intermediate
04 Getting Started With Jenkins Continuous Integration Intermediate


Number Course Annotations Difficulty
01 Linux System Administration Fundamentals Beginner
02 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals for System Administrators Beginner
03 Linux Installation and Initial Configuration Beginner
04 Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) Fundamentals Beginner
05 Puppet Fundamentals for System Administrators Beginner
06 Linux Networking, Service Management, and Security Fundamentals Beginner
07 Practical Networking Beginner
08 Implementing the Reactive Manifesto with Azure and AWS Intermediate
09 Docker Fundamentals Intermediate
10 Docker Deep Dive Intermediate
11 First Look: Native Docker Clustering Intermediate
12 Introduction to Versioning Environments With Vagrant Intermediate
13 Linux Monitoring and Maintenance (LPIC-2) Intermediate
14 Linux Advanced File System Management (LPIC-2) Intermediate
15 Linux Kernel and System Startup (LPIC-2) Intermediate
16 Linux Administration with sed and awk Intermediate
17 Mastering Your Own Domain Intermediate
18 Linux Systems Programming Intermediate


Number Course Annotations Difficulty
01 Play by Play: Website Security Review with Troy Hunt and Lars Klint Intermediate
02 Secure Account Management Fundamentals Intermediate
03 Web Security and the OWASP Top 10: The Big Picture Intermediate
04 Hack Your API First Intermediate


Number Course Annotations Difficulty
01 HTTP Fundamentals Beginner
02 Five Essential Tools for Building REST APIs Beginner
03 Algorithms and Data Structures - Part 1 Beginner
04 Algorithms and Data Structures - Part 2 Intermediate
05 Git Fundamentals Intermediate
06 Advanced Git Intermediate
07 Website Performance Intermediate
08 Web API Design Intermediate
09 Bower Fundamentals Intermediate
11 Shell Scripting with Bash Intermediate
12 Introduction to the Bash Shell on Mac OS and Linux Intermediate
14 REST Fundamentals Intermediate
15 Haskell Fundamentals Part 1 Intermediate
16 Haskell Fundamentals Part 2 Intermediate
17 Preparing For a Job Interview Beginner
18 Developer to Architect Intermediate
19 Smash into Vim Beginner
20 Introduction to Presentation Design Beginner
21 Node.js and the Internet of Things Using Intel Edison Intermediate