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== 0.9.2 "appropriate response to reality" 2008-03-24
* Fix merb-flat and merb-very-flat generators
* merb-gen no longer generates apps by default
* fix templates so merb-gen will work.
* cache_action and cache_page should only set cache for 200 responses (closing #207)
* use Dir.chdir(dir){ sh "#{SUDO} rake install" } for windows compat in rakefile
* merge drnics MERB_ROM stuff for merb-gen
* add freeze task to the app rakefiles to freeze as git submoduels.
* ok since merb-haml is in -more we will use Merb::Config not Merb::Plugin.config
* Set mongrel as default adapter unless other alternative options are specified
* Clean up Merb-Gen
* Added Autotest mappings for full Merb applications for both the RSpec and Test/Unit libraries.
* Removing un-needed js comment sequence from bundled asset tag.
* merb-more rake install task escalates user privileges too early
* don't reload classes in test mode
* fix up merb-fcgi binary to work out of the box
* adds implementation for #220 * modifies merb.fcgi to enable really working with fcgi setups * adds default .htaccess that manages the redirection to the CGI script
* use __send__ not send, use require in merb-haml
* Fix merb-haml spec to pull proper config
* Fix action-args to honor controller actions defined using :define_method
* fix merb-more rakefiles, fix haml config options
* Added support for charset in css_include_tag
* added merb-cache to the array of gems in Rakefile. closing #79
* updated page caching to use logger
* rearranged module/class structure
* added expire_match support for memcache backend
* config/environments/rake.rb now defaults to log/merb_rake.log
* Now generates config/environments/rake.rb, so Rakefile uses a real environment for Rake (which you can override with MERB_ENV)
* Make symbolize_keys! a noop temporarily.
* move plugin config to main file in merb-assets
* Auto-generated spec_helper.rb now uses :testing option instead of $TESTING global var
* merb-cache can be disabled with config key :disable
* implemented dummy cache store in order to be able to disable caching
* Auto-generated spec_helper.rb now uses :testing option instead of $TESTING global var
* framework.rb needs to be here.
* Added ability to create unique, consistant paths to a static asset (js, css, image, video, etc) based on file name to assist in browsers slowed by HTTP Pipelining.
* Added Gem path manipulation to frozen-merb template
* The :merb_env task now logs to log/rake.log by default
* Added merbtasks.rb
* Cleanup of merb-gen generated Rakefile
* By default classes should not be reloaded (reload_classes = false) in the TEST environment.
* add clean task
* Update task name to have dependencies handled correctly.
* Corrects a spec that uses a helper. The helper needs to be in the Merb namespace
* Fixed typo in freezer generator template
* Template extension documentation
* Revert "Adds a haml_buffer method to Haml::Helpers. This was reporting being missing when using haml in a form."
* ignore bundle, and merb-more.rb
* create merb-more.rb
* capture and concat from AbstractController are private
* Adds a haml_buffer method to Haml::Helpers. This was reporting being missing when using haml in a form.
* Clean up flat app so it makes better use of the way custom frameworks work.
* adding merb-cache to merb-more, thanks booss
* Adds merb_test_unit to init.rb when generating an app with --test
* MERB_TEST_SUITE=test|spec for a pre-selected test suite for merb-gen app generator
* added MERB_ORM info to merb-gen usage
* Uses MERB_ORM env variable to preselect an ORM for config/init.rb
* Freezer refactor.
* Introduce the `freeze' rake task
== 0.9.1 "Some are half-wild, and some are just outlaws." 2008-02-29
* merb-action-args: Normalize calls to Merb.start
* merb-assets: Adds a before_app_loads to merb-assets and fixes XHTML
* merb-assets: Absolute path in image_tag now works like in RoR
* merb-builder: Added merb-builder template engine
* merb-gen: rename class to correctly be MerbResourceControllerTestGenerator
* merb-gen: merb-gen upgraded rubigen dependency to 1.2.4 for bug fix
* merb-gen: Makes merb-gen use the test framework specified by the command-line
argument (defaults to merb_rspec)
* merb-gen: Adds a before_app_loads to merb-assets and fixes XHTML
* merb-gen: updated spec_helper.rb test helpers
* merb-gen: Updated merb-gen's default Rakefile, test/spec helper files, and
plugin file
* merb-gen: Adjusted the app generator to use the Merb::Test::Helpers
* merb-gen: Generating an app is not an error
* merb-gen: Fixed problem in "merb-gen migration" that failed because the
destination directory was nil.
* merb-gen: drop 35K off of merb.jpg
* merb-gen: fix frozen merb w/ gems
* merb-gen: Have merb-gen ignore non-error log messages
* merb-gen: Replace calls to puts with Merb.logger
* merb-gen: Normalize calls to Merb.start
* merb-gen: fix missing require
* merb-gen: merb-gen adding template spec for delete action
* merb-gen: added restful delete actions to merb-gen
* merb-haml: Removing references to merb-test and fake_request helper
* merb-haml: use hash syntax for Merb.config
* merb-haml: Updated merb-haml to pull from Merb.config rather than
* merb-haml: Kills haml buffer bug fast.
* merb-haml: Haml supports concat
* merb-haml: Haml supports capture... f'real
* merb-haml: Normalize calls to Merb.start
* merb-haml: sass_fix
* merb-mailer: Removing references to merb-test and fake_request helper
* merb-mailer: Fixes a bug in the _template_root setting of mailers.
* merb-mailer: Use dir_for(:mailer) for the mailer path
* merb-mailer: Replace calls to puts with Merb.logger
* merb-mailer: Normalize calls to Merb.start
* merb-parts: Removing references to merb-test and fake_request helper
* merb-parts: Wait to load parts
* merb-parts: Use a better path for template root.
* merb-parts: Test part inside a view.
* merb-parts: added spec for rendering part inside a view
* merb-parts: [merb-parts] Adds method missing so that controller methods
are available in parts
* merb-parts: Normalize calls to Merb.start
* merb-test: rm -rf merb-test