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What's going on here?

This little repo provides the companion code for the isomorphic React in a PHP application post. It contains a small node.js app and a tiny PHP app.

I wrote the code for this post using coffeescript, I love it's simplicity and terseness (specially since I've been working on Rails for almost a year). As soon as react 0.14 comes out I'll do a rewrite using ES2015 (via Babel).

Setup instructions

To get started, clone this repo then cd into the isomorphic-post-code directory. You will find inside a nodejs folder and a php fodler.


Follow these steps to set up the node/react app:

cd nodejs
npm install

This will start the node server up, create the javascript bundle for the browser and inform you that it's ready to serve connections on ports 3000 and 3001.


Now, open a new terminal tab and go to the isomorphic-post-code directory as well. Then type the following to get the PHP side of things going.

cd php
curl -sS | php
php composer.phar install
php -S localhost:8000

This will start a PHP server serving the index.php file by default.

Playing with the node app

Now, to try the node/react app, point your browser to http://localhost:3000/developers/page/1. You should see this:

Alt text

Things to try out:

  • Check on the traffic tab that only the first page is served as full document, the rest should come via ajax.
  • Disable javascript, pagination should still work, this time as full page loads.
  • View the page source, you can find the first list of developers as JSON string.
  • Go directly to a specific page by typing the url like http://localhost:3000/developers/page/666, the behaviour should be the same.
  • Bookmark the pages with your favourite developer avatars :)
  • If you're really into hardcore experiences, visit the page with lynx!

Now fiddle with the PHP one!

Go to http://localhost:8000/developers/page/1 and you should see now the output of index.php:

Alt text

Things to try out:

  • All of the above

Feel free to create an issue if something does not work quite as it should :)


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