Tools for working with geographic data
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hack Convert Natural Earth polygons to Osmosis Polygon format Oct 21, 2014
voronoi Update documentation to reflect actual output format of this version. Mar 3, 2013
Makefile Add kmeans to Makefile Nov 11, 2013 Initial commit Mar 2, 2013
cleanse.c Also accept tweets from Path, Twitter web, and new Foursquare Nov 18, 2014
clip-line-to-poly Clipping line segments to arbitrary polygons Nov 6, 2013
csv Wrap the CSV function in a Unicode-abusing script to mangle commas Nov 10, 2015
csv2geojson Quick script for converting CSV with column headers to GeoJSON Jul 27, 2015 Make it work on dbfs that aren't in a .zip Nov 10, 2014
dm2geojson Don't truncate numbers to just the integer in dm2geojson Jul 28, 2015
douglaspeucker Change it to use datamaps-style input and output instead Aug 26, 2014
fix-timestamps Calculating distances and speeds from lists of locations. Mar 2, 2013
from-pairs Fix coalescing linestrings when there is no metadata Feb 6, 2015
geo2gpx Converter from geo back to GPX Dec 19, 2013
get-tile-edges Script to return the lat/lon bounds of a map tile Apr 3, 2014
gmt2solar Convert GMT to local mean solar time with weekday Dec 20, 2013
hachure.c Modifications for "somewhat less 8-bit" hachures Apr 13, 2013 More generic input format for kmeans: just comma- or space-separated. Mar 3, 2013
limit-specified Bounding boxes: making square, drawing dots in, limiting points to. Mar 2, 2013
make-bezier-specified Smooth out sparse GPS logs with bezier interpolation. Jul 20, 2013
make-bounds-square Bounding boxes: making square, drawing dots in, limiting points to. Mar 2, 2013
make-bounds-square-mercator Mercator version of finding a square bbox containing a bbox Apr 3, 2014
make-circles-specified Bounding boxes: making square, drawing dots in, limiting points to. Mar 2, 2013
pixel-to-mercator Convert lat/lon center and pixel size to pixel bounds Apr 22, 2014
plot-motion Remember to strip trailing newlines. Jul 22, 2013
pnpoly.c Cut out all the cleverness and just do the check Aug 3, 2015
sample.c Extract a sample of lines evenly spaced through a large file Dec 11, 2015 Fix misplaced comma in MultiLineString features May 23, 2017
subdivide-world.c Add Makefile for C programs. Fix warnings. Nov 11, 2013
to-pairs Split datamaps-style coordinate lists into coordinate pairs Aug 26, 2014
togeo Allow multiple command line arguments; be less sensitive to XML forma… Aug 28, 2013
togeojson Simple converter from GPX to GeoJSON May 29, 2014


Tools for working with geographic data