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This is a JSON-RPC server and client library for node.js <>,
the V8 based evented IO framework.
Firing up an efficient JSON-RPC server becomes extremely simple:
var rpc = require('jsonrpc');
function add(first, second) {
return first + second;
rpc.expose('add', add);
rpc.listen(8000, 'localhost');
And creating a client to speak to that server is easy too:
var rpc = require('jsonrpc');
var sys = require('sys');
var client = rpc.getClient(8000, 'localhost');'add', [1, 2], function(result) {
sys.puts('1 + 2 = ' + result);
To learn more, see the examples directory, peruse test/jsonrpc-test.js, or
simply "Use The Source, Luke".
More documentation and development is on its way.