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Codecademy Peer Programming Challenge: HomeCook Recipie Suggestions
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Welcome to HomeCook.

Inspired for C++ Coding Challenge.
Built by Eric Gross and Sinan Sevgi.

Recipes inspired from ingredient delivery service HomeChef

Short pulg: If you've never tried the service, give it a try. Seriously I've learned more about cooking from this little service than all my years reading cookbooks and scouring websites. And the meals are beyond delicious, you'll feel like a pro Chef.

This app is helpful for those looking to select a favorite. I like to cook. Often I'll be at the studio, wondering what I should make for dinner. With this program, you just plug in the main ingredient, and you'll get a few healthy easy to make recipies. And since I often go camping or sailing, where I won't have an oven, there's an option to filter out recipes that need an oven as well. Once you make your choice, you'll be presented the ingredients and a shorthand set of directions.

Search using "Any"...

..if you don't have a particular main ingredient in mind, this will return the whole list.

Now grab your apron, and get cooking. HomeCookCharlie_egd

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