Exports models from Minecraft for 3D printing or rendering
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Mineways, a Minecraft mapper and exporter.

by Eric Haines, erich@acm.org

begun 11/14/2011


Visit the project homepage for executables for PC and Mac, documentation links, credits, etc. Much of the mapping and UI code is built on the open-source project Minutor.

There are different major versions of Mineways. You usually want the latest version; version 1.15 can be used on older worlds.

  • Version 5. works on Minecraft 1.2 to 1.9 and beyond, adds scripting language.
  • Version 4. works on Minecraft 1.2 to 1.9-ish and beyond, 64-bit for large exports.
  • Version 3. works on Minecraft 1.2 to 1.7 worlds (Anvil, stair geometry changes, and new texturing).
  • Version 2.x works on Minecraft 1.2 worlds to 1.4 (Anvil format).
  • Version 1.x works on Minecraft 1.1 worlds and earlier (McRegion format).

Source files are here:

  • Win/ contains the Windows version of Mineways (in C++).
  • TileMaker/ contains the TileMaker for Mineways, which takes the individual block textures and forms a terrainExt.png file for use by Mineways. This allows you to replace any terrain textures with your own custom tiles.


  • Windows - You can compile this with Visual Studio Open Mineways.sln in Visual C++, switch the target to Release and x64, compile the solution to generate Mineways.exe

Sorry, other platforms are not directly supported, though Mineways runs fine under WINE and we also provide a Mac-specific version.

If you want to work on the mapping part of this program on another platform, see Minutor, which is supported on Mac and Linux.


Mineways uses the same license as Minutor.