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A project to "Bring Existing Netlists, Components and Hardware to Open File Formats"
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A project to "Bring Existing Netlists, Components and Hardware to Open File Formats"

This is a repository for free and freely distributable EDA libraries

The repository has been inaugurated with the default footprint library from the freeware Protel Autotrax EDA package, along with the freely distributable .rpm of CADSOFT Eagle Binary format parts libraries.

This repository is a resource for FLOSS EDA toolchains and is intended to allow FLOSS EDA users to leverage existing community contributed works.

It is also anticipated that the repository will be of use to those seeking to replicate or repair vintage hardware.

The FOSS pcb layout tool pcb-rnd ( ) can import Protel Autotrax and Eagle libraries (Binary and XML) directly, and allows export to other FOSS formats such as Kicad's legacy and s-expression formats.

Contributions welcome.

Enjoy responsibly!

Please note the Eagle RPM licence text:

License: other Copying and distribution of this package, with or without modification, are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright notice and this notice are preserved. No warranty of any kind is implied or offered.

The CADSOFT Eagle parts libraries reside within the subfolder /usr/share/eagle/lbr of the RPM.

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