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GitHub Pull Request Monitor

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This extension uses the GitHub api to monitor the state of your pull requests and let you know when it's time to merge or if someone requested changes.

Statusbar items

Source code on GitHub:


  • Monitor all the pull requests for your account
  • Monitor a specific repository (and quickly switch between them)
  • Quickly open GitHub pull requests from VS Code
  • Colors and icons to identify pull requests that require attention


color green Green: there are no conflicts, build is passing (if any), reviews are approved (if any)

color red Red: opposite of green or pull request closed

color white White: waiting for status

color violet Violet: merged


Note: white icons can become green or red depending on the pull request state.


icon Open

icon Merged

icon Closed


icon Build passes

icon Build fails


icon Mergeable

icon Conflicts

icon Unknown mergeable state


icon Approved reviews

icon Changes requested

icon There are comments


Required permissions:

If you only need to monitor public repositories enable public_repo, if you use private teams enable repo.

  • Open the command palette and execute PullRequestMonitor.setToken

  • Paste your token, the extension will start monitoring your pull requests

Extension Commands

  • PullRequestMonitor.setToken: set the GitHub token

  • PullRequestMonitor.start: start monitoring = refresh pull request state every minute

  • PullRequestMonitor.stop: stop monitoring

  • PullRequestMonitor.refresh: refresh pull request state

  • PullRequestMonitor.setMode: select the mode between viewer (your pull requests) or repository

  • PullRequestMonitor.selectRepository: select the repository to monitor through the list of your repositories (some private repositories will not appear here, in this case use PullRequestMonitor.enterRepositoryName )

  • PullRequestMonitor.enterRepositoryName: set the private repository name you want to monitor. Something like your-team-name/awesome-project

Extension configuration

  • pullRequestMonitor.refreshInterval: number default = 60, refresh interval in seconds (min 15s)

  • pullRequestMonitor.showMerged: boolean default = false, show or hide merged pull requests

  • pullRequestMonitor.showClosed boolean, show or hide closed pull requests

  • pullRequestMonitor.autostart boolean, automatically start the extension

  • pullRequestMonitor.count: number default = 6, number of pull requests to show

  • pullRequestMonitor.githubEnterpriseUrl: string default = null, GitHub enterprise url. Leave empty if you don't use GitHub enterprise.

  • pullRequestMonitor.allowUnsafeSSL: boolean default = false, allow unsafe certificates for GitHub enterprise

Default configuration

    "pullRequestMonitor.refreshInterval": 60,
    "pullRequestMonitor.showClosed": false,
    "pullRequestMonitor.showMerged": false,
    "pullRequestMonitor.autostart": true,
    "pullRequestMonitor.count": 6,
    "pullRequestMonitor.githubEnterpriseUrl": null,
    "pullRequestMonitor.allowUnsafeSSL": false,