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# Cookbook Name:: jenkins-chef-dsl
# Recipe:: auth
# Configures Authentication.
# This is just for this example work to, get the keys from a secure location
# These keys are for the 'chef' Jenkins user to interact with the Jenkins API.
# Create a public/private key pair.
unless node['jenkins']['executor']['private_key']
require 'net/ssh'
key =
# Set them in our cookbook scope till Jenkins is ready to use them.
node.set['jenkins-chef']['user']['private_key'] = key.to_pem
node.set['jenkins-chef']['user']['public_key'] =
"#{key.ssh_type} #{[key.to_blob].pack('m0')}"
# Creates the 'chef' Jenkins user and assciates the public key
# Needs anonymous auth to create a user, to then use this users there after.
# See Caviots:
jenkins_user 'chef' do
full_name 'Chef Client'
public_keys [ node['jenkins-chef']['user']['public_key'] ]
# Set the private key on the Jenkins executor, must be done only after the user
# has been created, otherwise API will require authentication and not be able
# to create the user.
ruby_block 'set private key' do
block do
node.set['jenkins']['executor']['private_key'] =
# If auth scheme is set, include recipe with that implementation.
if node['jenkins-chef']['auth']
include_recipe "jenkins-chef-dsl::_auth-#{node['jenkins-chef']['auth']}"