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The **Should Assertion Library** provides a set of extension methods for test assertions for AAA and BDD style tests. It provides assertions only, and as a result it is Test runner agnostic. The assertions are a direct fork of the [xUnit]( test assertions. This project was born because test runners *Should* be independent of the the assertions!
-**Install Should from nuget**
+**Should Assertion Library** comes in two flavors, each with it's own binary.
+ * Standard (Should.dll)
+ * Fluent (Should.Fluent.dll)
+Instal from nuget.
PM> install-package should
@@ -43,12 +50,13 @@ The following example shows some of the assertions that are available for object
-Should also provides a fluent API. Here are the same assertions as above using the fluent API. Should.Fluent is a direct port of [ShouldIt](
+Should.Fluent is a direct port of [ShouldIt]( This example shows the same assertions as above except using the fluent API.
-**Install ShouldFluent from nuget**
+Install from nuget.
- PhM> install-package ShouldFluent
+ PM> install-package ShouldFluent
The following shows the same assertions as above but in the fluent style.

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